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Cryptocurrency betting started late, but recent developments among punters show it is gaining steam. More online sports speculators are looking for platforms that let them use their crypto, and the sports betting sites are responding positively. 

Now it’s no longer a question of whether a platform lets users bet with crypto; it’s about which cryptocurrencies it accepts. Since there are more crypto tokens than online casinos, it’s crucial to understand that you can’t use just any crypto at a Bitcoin sports betting site.

What cryptocurrencies should you use at Bitcoin sports betting sites? This article will answer that question before listing some of the most impactful benefits and drawbacks of betting with digital currencies.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Sports Betting



Most cryptocurrencies anonymize transactions by default. Unlike credit and debit cards, deposits and withdrawals don’t carry your name. This benefit can come in handy if you’re trying to create an account that doesn’t expose your name, for instance. While your bank cards will readily give out your name, your unintelligible wallet address will not.

Special incentives

Some sports betting sites will offer special incentives to cryptocurrency users to get more people to embrace crypto. These incentives usually come in the form of bonuses designed to be exclusive to users that deposit in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. If the betting site you choose offers one, you should consider taking advantage of it.

Flexible limits

Online casinos have always had to impose restrictions on how much users can deposit at a time, thanks to the artificial limits set by banks and credit unions. With cryptocurrencies, that limitation disappears, as Bitcoin doesn’t limit how much you can send. While some online casinos still set limits for safety, they’re nowhere near as strict as those that banks impose.


Irreversible transactions

If we could choose a credit card feature to cross over to Bitcoin, it would be chargebacks. Once you send money to another cryptocurrency wallet, there’s no going back, unless the person sends it back. Since this is a great way for scammers to make money, most casino scams tend to focus on crypto payments.

Exchange rates

The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes it necessary for sports betting sites to convert them into more stable currencies or units before making them available to you for wagering. However, these Bitcoin casinos tend to use below-average exchange rates, which is infuriating. Before depositing your Bitcoin on any platform, you should ensure that you can work with the rates.

Best Cryptocurrencies for Crypto Sports Betting

Bitcoin sports betting sites don’t usually accept all the cryptocurrencies out there, as that would be unnecessarily complex. Instead, they select a few, using criteria like popularity and stability, which they use to process transactions. If you’re planning to acquire some digital currencies specifically for sports betting, you want to ensure you’re buying those that most platforms support.

Without further ado, here are some of the best cryptocurrencies you can use on Bitcoin sports betting sites. 


Tether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there and is the darling of Bitcoin casinos for one main reason: it’s very stable. The “stablecoin” is linked to the US dollar.

You may know it better as USDT, and it sells for a dollar per Tether. The price does fluctuate sometimes, but it’s almost always within 0.005 of a US dollar. Since Bitcoin casinos don’t have to work too hard for an agreeable exchange rate, they all seem to support Tether.

USD Coin

USDC, or USD Coin, is famous for the same reason as Tether: it’s a stablecoin. As you can probably guess, the value is also pegged to US dollars at the rate of one dollar to one USDC. While it isn’t as popular as USDT or Bitcoin, it remains a favorite of many sports betting sites.


While Bitcoin isn’t a stablecoin, all Bitcoin sports betting sites naturally support it, as it has become synonymous with cryptocurrencies. It was the first digital currency and has grown larger, maintaining its place as the best cryptocurrency. If you want crypto for anything, Bitcoin is your best bet.


Next to Bitcoin on the popularity charts is Ethereum, a cryptocurrency aiming to be friendlier to the environment than Bitcoin. Only Bitcoin surpasses it when it comes to popularity. 


If you’ve read extensively about cryptocurrencies, you should know a thing or two about Dogecoin. For starters, it was launched nearly a decade ago as a joke and has grown to become one of the most popular digital currencies. When Elon Musk isn’t shooting it to the moon, it is powering the crypto payment system for Bitcoin sports betting sites.

For now, Dogecoin’s insane volatility still prevents it from being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for general transactions. However, popularity seems to count for much with Bitcoin sports betting sites, and this cryptocurrency token is insanely popular.


Since you can sell your cryptocurrency to buy another quickly, you shouldn’t worry much about who supports what. However, if you want to ensure you’re hoarding the best digital currencies to stake on any sports betting site, the list above is all you need. While you’ll likely see betting sites support numerous other currencies, these are simply the most popular.