FinTech companies are among the fastest-growing businesses in the world. They use cutting-edge technology to create better payment methods and improve convenience, enabling the end users to handle their finances better.

Over an estimated 3,200 FinTech (financial technology) companies operate in the UK alone, each striving to be the best at what it does. In the process, they give employees access to incredible tech stacks and opportunities to be part of the next generation of financial management. 

Among these companies, a few stand out as exemplary employers. The best ones offer their employees the flexibility to design unique programs and solutions to make financial processes more streamlined and efficient. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best FinTech companies to work for in the UK.

Founded in 2009 under the name Opus Payments, is one of the largest payment processors in the UK. Holding contracts with Visa and Mastercard, the processing giant has been used by brands such as Coinbase, Pizza Hut, Netflix, and Binance—although it has since cancelled the latter contract over compliance concerns.

As well as being in the top 50 UK companies to work for, has previously ranked in the top 25 companies offering the best tech stacks to work with and is known for its employment and promotion of women. 

Although the company has won accolades for providing employees with a healthy work-life balance, there have been mentions of overworked employees. Considering the scale of operations the company manages, these are believable. However, the common agreement is that these occurrences are the exception more than the rule and depend entirely on the employee’s job position.


Like, TrueLayer has won several accolades, including being ranked as one of the top 50 companies to work for in the UK and one of the best FinTech companies in 2020. 

By developing payment systems that work with standard fiat currency and cryptocurrencies, TrueLayer has one primary focus: changing how the world pays. As such, it strives to create an open banking payment platform that can be used across Europe. 

Pulling in investors like Stripe, Tencent Technologies, and Tiger Global, one of the company’s most immense praises from previous and current employees is its impressive tech stack. Offsetting this great bonus, the one common complaint among employees is the high number of meetings they must attend. However, these are necessary for any company looking to make global change.


Founded in 2015, Revolut has quickly become one of the most recognised FinTech companies in the UK and internationally. Commonly known as the preferred payment processor for online casinos in Great Britain, the company operates exclusively as a neobank and subsidises these services with other payment solutions.

Once ranked the most valuable FinTech company in the UK, Revolut attracts hugely talented employees. Many have openly spoken about the favourable company culture and the respectable work-life balance it affords. 

Another significant perk of working at Revolut is the massive opportunities doing so opens up afterwards. While many choose to stay to be a part of the future of financial solutions, those who leave find many more jobs after listing their tenure at the company as part of their professional experience. 


Founded in 2011 under the legal name TransferWise, Wise specialises in payments across borders between countries. It rebranded to the shorter version of its name in 2021 to reflect the fact that it had become more than just a way to send money between countries.

Bursting onto the scene and claiming titles like the World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, the company is known for its extensive hiring. It is also ranked as one of the top 50 companies to work for in the UK in 2023. Job opportunities are almost always available, with over 5,000 employees working across 17 countries.

Unlike some companies, however, these vacancies aren’t because of a high staff turnover. Many staff have spoken out about how they are never asked to work longer hours than necessary and enjoy a healthy balance between the office and their private lives. This is one of the reasons that jobs at the company are highly sought after in the industry.


Zopa was founded in 2005 and launched as the world’s first-ever peer-to-peer lending platform. It immediately grew and, in 2020, was granted a full banking license to back its credit card and personal loan business. After this, it shut down its peer-to-peer platform and now operates exclusively as its own bank.

Part of the company’s success is the innovative technology platforms it designs and operates. The development of these platforms attracts the brightest minds in the industry. Zopa is known to go on extensive hiring sprees when looking for new senior developers for upcoming product and service projects. 

Several employees have publicly praised how the company is managed, stating that they are seen as more than just a name and that management genuinely cares for everyone working there. 


Founded in 2011, GoCardless has created a purpose-built platform for managing recurring payments and subscriptions. Alongside processing these payments, the company deals with invoicing and automation, leading to incredible investment in its growth.

Aside from being in a partnership with FinTech giant QuickBooks, the company is known for its modern tech stack that helps developers achieve the company’s directive. Many employees have also commented on the friendly culture within the company that makes it easy to work across departments.

While there have been a few negative comments regarding the company’s lack of leniency towards working remotely, these complaints are few. Inversely, many have also expressed satisfaction with how the company has accommodated their requests, leading to the consensus that these cases are dealt with individually.