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Cryptocurrency wallets have long ceased to be limited to simply storing and managing user keys. Among their additional functions, purchasing cryptocurrencies from a bank card, exchanging assets and staking are especially popular. In addition, many crypto wallets launch their own tokens. These tokens provide initial funding for ICO/IEO/IDO and increase user loyalty by providing unique benefits to holders.

What are crypto wallet tokens used for?

Since native tokens of a crypto wallet provide the opportunity for additional earnings for its users, they become one of the competitive advantages.

Typically, token holders receive:

  • Opportunity to actively participate in project management, proposing and voting on ideas and development. Using their assets they can influence decision making in the community.
  • Tokens can be used for staking, providing support for the functioning of the project. Providing liquidity through staking itself comes with additional rewards.
  • By having tokens in the wallet, users can receive privileges, such as VIP levels or other special statuses with various benefits, increasing their status in the ecosystem.
  • The right to enjoy discounts on commission fees, trading and other services within the platform, which encourages token retention.
  • To get privileges, it is enough to store coins in your wallet, possibly locked. Of course, the user’s capabilities often depend on the number of tokens held.

And of course, these assets can be used for trading on the exchange, and buy USDT-TRC20 for the internal currency of the wallet is often possible directly in the wallet itself.

Best crypto wallet tokens

Trust Wallet (TWT) 

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is an internal asset specifically created to encourage and facilitate user transactions in the field of cryptocurrencies. It serves as a management tool, giving holders the opportunity to influence strategic decisions related to the development of the project, the introduction of support for new blockchains, etc. TWT is used to pay commissions when making asset transactions.

Atomic Wallet (AWC)

AWC is a token that was issued by the decentralized cryptocurrency wallet Atomic Wallet. It acts as an internal currency and provides users with many options. Among the advantages of AWC are staking, discounts on exchanges and other services, individual technical support, various bonuses, improved partner rewards, as well as additional functionality and much more. Thus, AWC serves not only as a medium of exchange within the wallet, but also as a tool for receiving a variety of benefits and privileges, making it a key element in the Atomic Wallet ecosystem.

Safepal (SFP)

This multi-functional utility token is designed to make interacting with SafePal more profitable and participating in the project’s development more open to the community. It is used to receive discounts on products and services, including the exchange of assets in the application.

Additional options for holders include participation in SafePal’s deposit and lending programs, which provide additional sources of income. SFP also serves as a governance tool, giving holders the right to propose and vote on initiatives to develop the SafePal ecosystem.

Clever (KLV)

KLV is a key element of the Klever wallet and crypto exchange. This token provides unique opportunities, including staking with a yield of up to 10% per annum. In addition to KLV, the ecosystem additionally operates KFI, a governance token. If you are interested in further improving the ecosystem and would like to influence its development, you need to accumulate KFI.

MathWallet (MATH)

MATH is an integral part of the MathWallet ecosystem, which includes MathChain, MathDappStore, MathSwap, MathVault and other components. Users can receive income from staking not only in the cryptocurrency they deposited, but also receive additional bonuses in MATH. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains. MathWallet also has a built-in exchanger that allows users to exchange tokens of one standard for another. This provides convenience and flexibility when managing various assets within the MathWallet ecosystem.

Where to buy crypto wallet tokens

Many wallets already have built-in exchanges, and it goes without saying that utility tokens are also available on them. You can also buy them on many third-party resources, for example Uniswap, KuCoin, Binance, acting exactly the same as when exchanging USDT to XMR. And perhaps the easiest thing is to buy tokens directly from the card, if your crypto wallet has such a function.