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Since GPT and Chat GPT sprung onto the scene, there has been a huge craze around AI writing tools. Millions worldwide are mesmerized by the amazingly flawless content-generating capabilities of GPT, leading to extensive research & development in the field. The result is the rise of several powerful large language models such as Google’s PaLM 2, Palmyra from Writer, Llama from Meta, etc.

Large language models are generative AI that can process, understand, and generate content in natural human language. These run behind every AI writing tool in the market, including every assignment writing tool you use. Highly effective and efficient at producing error-free & original solutions, students use these tools to generate 100% plagiarism-free assignment solutions.

Are you, too, looking for the best writing tools for your assignments? This article lists three top-rated tools online.

The Three Best AI Writing Tools For Acing Your Assignments

Do a quick search for AI assignment writing tools on Google, and you will find dozens of them. All of them claim to produce quality content in natural language in a matter of minutes &, not surprisingly, boast of similar features. This is because 95% of AI assignment writing tools you find online use the same large language model behind the scenes.

Unless you have technical knowledge about AI models or have used them, you can never know which tool is the best. Fortunately, we have tested the capabilities of the best online AI writing tools and taken a peek under the hood.

So, here you go – the list of the best AI tools for writing your assignments.

1. Jasper AI

Formerly known as Jarvis, this is undoubtedly one of the most complete AI writing tools you will ever find. Jasper is a pioneering AI assignment writing tool, one of the first publicly available applications built on Open AI’s Generative pre-trained transformers.

While it can be costly for students, the content generated by Jasper’s AI is levels above anything from its nearest competitors. Since its inception, Jasper claims to have evolved and used a combination of different AI models, such as GPT-4, Google’s PaLM 2, and Anthropic’s Claude.

• You can create your voice and tone by uploading sample text.

Avail the premium version, and you can create your knowledge base. The AI will generate content using data from the information you add to the database.

• Jasper can create amazing outlines and rough drafts, as well as perfectly edited & proofread content.

Integrate seamlessly with various tools such as Surfer SEO, third-party AI art generators, and Grammarly.

Jasper AI is one of the most capable and feature-rich AI writing tools that will surely be the best choice for generating accurate assignment solutions. The only downside is that the prices are a bit hefty for students.

PricingA creator plan for individual use comes to $49 per month. Teams and businesses have a Teams plan, which costs $125 per month.

2. Rytr AI

The second-best AI writing tool in our list, Rytr, competes closely with Jasper and every other AI writing tool in the market. It is also based on the generative pre-trained transformer neural network models, but its features & UI make it one of the best choices for students and content writers.

Rytr is great for finishing your essays or any other kind of written content quickly and accurately. Enter the topic or subject you wish to write about and/or enter some additional information, and Rytr will generate a series of interesting prompts that you can use for food for thought. It can generate top-notch, readymade solutions for your assignments as well.

• The tool can produce error-free and 100% plagiarism-free content in more than 30+ languages.

There’s an inbuilt plagiarism checker and an editor & grammar checker for instantly polishing any generated content.

You can also create AI-generated images using Rytr’s inbuilt art generator.

Pricing Ryter AI is student-friendly, with a decent limit of 10,000 characters or 2500 words per month, free access to its plagiarism checker, and limited access to its AI art generator. If you need more, then there are:

• The Saver plan costs $9 monthly and lets you generate 100,000 characters. With this plan, you will also get to avail 20 images using the AI art generator.

• The Unlimited plan costs $29 per month and removes all limits on the quantity of text & number of images that you can generate.

 Rytr is great. But If you find yourself struggling with your school assignments often, the following link offers some amazing tips on how to write an assignment for school.

3.’s Palmyra LLM’s Ai assignment writing tool is NOT GPT-based. They have their own proprietary generative AI called Palmyra, which is better than GPT in several ways. Feature-wise, the Palmyra LLM is richer and., and in terms of speed & accuracy, it can give stiff competition to GPT.

The Palmyra LLM boasts of a much more transparent database and corpus. You can generate assignment solutions and look at the sources from which the AI generates your solutions. Unlike Open AI, the creators of GPT & chat GPT, allows its registered users complete access to the databases and training corpora of the tool. Furthermore, you can also gain limited access to Palmyra’s very own transformer neural network variant and the model’s code.

• You can create and inject your unique tone & voice into the generated content.

• You can modify the settings of the neural network powering the tool. Fine-tune the weights of the model as per your preferences and needs.

• Integrate seamlessly with other tools such as Grammarly. Edit and audit generated solutions right away.

Pricing Unfortunately, there are no free plans for writers. There’s a basic plan for $18 per month. Up to 5 users can avail of the basic account, and each has to pay $18 per month.

Those were three of the best AI-powered writing tools for writing your assignment solutions perfectly. Use them to boost your productivity, save time, tackle tough concepts, and boost your grades.