Posted on June 28, 2016 by staff

Berlin pitches for British tech talent after Brexit


Germany would welcome British tech talent keep to work within the European Union following the vote to Brexit.

The British people chose to leave the EU last week with a narrow majority of 52:48, with Leave voters mostly drawn from older generations while young people were overwhelmingly keen to Remain.

Cordelia Yzer, the Berlin Senator for Economics and Technology, extended an invitation to young Remain voters.

“Young people who voted In are welcome in Berlin,” she told the BBC.

“They are welcome, their talent is more than welcome. It’s a great place to live and we also speak English.

“Berlin is a place where their dreams can come true.”

Senator Yzer also said that major firms headquartered in London – known up to now as the ‘financial capital of Europe’ – could now defect to Berlin.

“Those companies who have headquarters in London are aware that they need to be in the EU,” she added.

“We had competition in the last two or three years between London and Berlin. I am convinced that more funds will now make the decision in favour of Berlin.

“We will now take advantage. And this is more than fair.”

She poured scorn on Leave campaigner Boris Johnson’s claim that Britain could continue to trade in the single market.

“[He] will have to explain to the British the burden he put on them by making the decision in favour of Brexit,” she said of the

Tory former London Mayor tipped to succeed outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Nobody wants to block the British… but they made the decision to quit.”