Posted on September 26, 2018 by staff

‘Beer-to-beer network’ looks for crowdfunding


A new iOS and Android ‘travel beer app’ is soon to open for investment with a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.

The company recently passed 10,000 registered active users and now has 110 app-led beer tours, plotting out all the top pubs, bars, restaurants, breweries and taprooms in 85 cities and towns.

Having launched in a number of new cities in 2018 including  Moscow,  Bangalore, Hong Kong and Las Vegas, Beer Adventures today announced  their aim to raise up to £300,000 to build on the success of these launches.

“We’re super excited to be offering our global community and fans of beer all over the world the opportunity to invest in our business,” said founder Jonny Quirk.

“We have bootstrapped to get to this point, but have some very solid plans to take us  to the next level and beyond with this investment.”

The company has identified its new hires across sales, marketing and community-building, and say they have developed new features for the app which are readied.

Tapping into the rising trend of beer tourism, Beer Adventures creator and former Yelp UK & Ireland Regional Manager Quirk said the increase in visits to beer breweries made the creation of the app inevitable.

“Everyone has a new favorite beer or brewery they want to try, whether that’s an hour away or on the other side of the planet,” he explained.

The company says it will monetise the app through advertisement.

“Our aim is to now blend technology with real life touring and develop our  platform into a high ROI B2B advertising platform for offline businesses as  we bring real, tangible customers through the door of offline venues every day.”