Posted on January 30, 2018 by staff

Beekeeper keeps the buzz alive for mobile workers


Beekeeper is transforming communication and engagement for the two billion employees globally who work in shifts, don’t sit at desks and are distant from corporate management.

It empowers companies to go beyond bulletin boards and email to communicate and interact with all employees within a powerful, secure mobile app.

“We realised that there are a large number of sectors including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics, and healthcare where workers are often out in the field with no access to email,” said Beekeeper CEO Cristian Grossmann.

“These employees were relying on outdated methods of communication, such as written notes, bulletin boards, stand-up meetings and printed newsletters.

“This approach left employees feeling disengaged and unhappy due to the lack of real-time and meaningful communication between themselves, management and the wider company.

“With most workers having smart phones we realised that management could tap into this to provide an inclusive communication tool, regardless of worker location or role.

“The Beekeeper app creates a space where everyone can interact, voice concerns, celebrate successes, be social and be notified of company updates.

“The majority of workers have smartphones with them which they check daily.”

Through the app users can benefit from peer-to-peer mobile messaging including the instant exchange of images, texts and documents for faster decisions, responses and operational communication without the need for text or email.

Mobile employee surveys can also be sent out for management to listen and gather structured feedback from the front lines to improve processes and products.

Advanced analytics from the platform offer actionable business intelligence to identify and involve influential employees, optimise content and raise HR effectiveness.

Also available through the app is smart automation for recurring communication flows which allows a smoother process for on-boarding new people.

They can also send automated messages to selected segments of employees to promote process updates.

Beekeeper matches with each company’s corporate identity and branding, with automated workflows and scheduling to fully support operational strategies and communication.

The app features real-time measurement to improve communication efficiency, gain insight and calculate impact, allowing for continuous optimisation.

It currently has 258 enterprise clients and has recently expanded into the UK where it is working with a number of high-profile organisations including Heathrow Airport and Exclusive Hotels. It also has end users in more than 137 countries on its platform.

In the past year the app has been used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe to connect with their remote workforce.

Industry research estimates the enterprise collaboration market will reach $49.51 billion by 2021.

This is set to further accelerate as more and more companies prioritise employee communication and engagement as a way to increase productivity and reduce turnover.

To date, this effort has largely been focused on white-collar workers who sit at a desk all day and can easily receive a steady flow of digital information and recognition from their peers and managers.