Posted on August 18, 2017 by staff

Baby tech focus: The smart sock baby monitor


The Owlet Baby Monitor is a sock that measures heart rate and oxygen levels, harnessing the same technology used in hospitals.

Launched in Utah, the device relays vital readings from the smart sock to a base station and then to parents via an app, alerting them if the baby is not breathing or the heart rate is out of range.

Priced at $249.99, the Owlet raised $9m before its launch and its alert system was drawn up by medical experts.

“We’re relentlessly dedicated to providing parents with reliable, easy-to-use devices to monitor baby’s wellbeing,” Kurt Workman, chief executive and co-founder of Owlet Baby Care, told BusinessCloud.

“As advanced monitoring technology is made appropriate for the home nursery, and information gathered from devices like the Owlet Baby Monitor give researchers the ability to study ongoing infant health, we hope to help doctors and parents improve infant care, starting the moment the baby leaves the hospital.”