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The crypto space has been getting a lot of attention in 2020 and 2021. Given the massive gains that bitcoin and other crypto projects have had, this is no surprise.

The headlines in popular outlets keep mentioning millions of dollars, which has attracted more people to the crypto space. Moreover, bitcoin exchanges such as Estonian-based Azondo have also gained momentum. 

However, a couple of headlines here and there are not the only ones responsible for the hype. The historical stats clearly show that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. What’s more, it’s most likely going to revolutionize the financial system that we know today.

This article will go into more detail to explain the hype and mention a couple of notable projects aside from bitcoin.

Understanding bitcoin and its role in crypto

Bitcoin is the first significant crypto project that got popular globally. Its role in the crypto space is crucial because it’s due to its popularity that others started working on other projects. Bitcoin remains the most popular crypto asset with the highest market capitalization.

It’s at the core of the crypto world, and that’s how it’s going to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It repeatedly stood the test of time and delivered the promise of being cheap to use, quick, and secure. That means that more and more people are ready to put faith in it by investing.

Last but not least, companies worldwide have started accepting bitcoin and investing in it. That’s a clear indicator that it’s steadily entering the market.

Why are cryptocurrencies gaining momentum?

The fact that traditional companies are slowly starting to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is propelling the whole space forward. Another factor is that there are hundreds of other promising crypto projects.

Therefore, everyone is looking for the next opportunity to make a lot of profit.

On the other hand, a completely new application of blockchain technology has resulted in the creation of non-fungible tokens. NFTs are quickly becoming popular, leading to more crypto enthusiasts.

Another development that’s boding well for crypto enthusiasts is the steady development of the metaverse. It’s a promising new playground where millions worldwide will get to have fun and interact. 

The virtual world will rely on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, meaning that many people will already start investing in it.

All these developments point to a bright future for the crypto space, positively affecting its growth.

Notable projects worth mentioning

Once you start exploring the crypto space, you can see hundreds of active projects. That’s great for the whole space, as it shows plenty of interest in it. Sooner or later, that means that a revolutionary platform might emerge.

Here are a couple of projects aside from bitcoin that are popular in the crypto community.


If bitcoin is cdigital gold, litecoin is silver. The cryptocurrency appeared soon after BTC and picked up quickly in popularity. It’s very similar to bitcoin with a couple of differences: even lower fees and quicker transactions.


Ethereum is a promising project that serves as a foundation for many other crypto platforms. It’s the first type of crypto project that goes beyond being a cryptocurrency and strives to offer more. It’s home to currently leading DeFi projects.


Cardano’s unique because mathematicians, scientists, and crypto veterans are behind this project. It promises to deliver more than ethereum, but we’re yet to see how many projects will find a home on this platform.


Solana quickly shot to fame in 2021. The project’s popularity is based on over 350 projects currently in development. The most important aspect of this platform is its transaction speed. It can process more than 50,000, making it the fastest crypto network. That means a lot for scalability, as it can meet the demands of numerous projects.


This platform’s design makes it easier for developers to build multiple blockchains that work together. That allows them to circumvent the third-party protocols that compromise security. It’s a promising platform that’s yet to grow in the future.

USDC and Tether

Stablecoins have become very popular in the crypto space, as they allow investors to change their crypto holdings into USD Coin or Tether, which are both tied to the value of the dollar. They never oscillate, providing much-needed safety in the volatile crypto space.


Chainlink is a big project aimed to improve the Decentralized Finance space. Its oracle networks track the pricing of various assets from the real world. That allows Decentralized Apps to work with correct numbers, ensuring stable functionality of the apps.


One of the pioneers in the metaverse world, Decentraland is a promising platform attracting millions of users. The virtual world is a game where you can create an avatar and buy land, trade NFTs with other members, and much more. Its native token is MANA.

Where can you purchase bitcoin?

No matter how many new projects pop up, they are here thanks to the existence of bitcoin. Professional traders are still looking for one thing — increasing their stake in bitcoin. It’s the ultimate investment opportunity for many.

Therefore, if you’re eager to get in the crypto space, getting a hold of bitcoin is a great starting point. It’s easy to acquire as the cryptocurrency is available on many platforms. Take Estonian Azondo, for example, a bitcoin exchange for European and Scandinavian customers.

It requires a simple registration process, and its users can immediately purchase BTC. The Azondo wallet is ready for you automatically, and once you make the purchase, you’ll find your bitcoin in it. You can then swiftly withdraw it to any other platform you desire.

Holding investment in BTC is a good idea if you plan to exchange it for other crypto assets. It usually has an excellent exchange ratio.

Use the Estonian exchange Azondo to get bitcoin

If you’re looking for a way to acquire bitcoin on a safe platform easily, you’re in the right spot. The bitcoin exchange Azondo makes the whole process simple as it only takes minutes to create an account, connect your credit or debit card, and buy BTC. 

If you’re eager to learn more, feel free to reach out – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.