A Norwich startup developing conversational AI solutions for business has been acquired by Australian communications tech company Soprano Design.

Founded in 2016, ubisend has developed a natural language processing and conversational AI platform which enables customers to develop, deploy and maintain chatbots for a wide variety of enterprise use cases, including robotic process automation, live chat and ticketing solutions.  

It joins a company with more than 4,500 global customers and mobile network operator partners. 

“We’re thrilled that Soprano is excited by our vision of a future when organisations don’t just have  one or two chatbots, but tens, hundreds and perhaps thousands of AI-powered conversations that  simulate or even improve upon human interactions,” said Dean Withey, founder and CEO of ubisend.

“We already see organisations embracing this future by building each chatbot solution as an independent form of conversational automation, solving problems and increasing efficiency across every region, business unit, team and employee.” 

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Soprano said the acquisition will further enable large enterprise and government organisations to deliver meaningful communication and more engaging relationships with customers, employees and citizens. 

“Soprano and ubisend share the same vision of enterprise communication, a future centred on  enabling large organisations to create richer meanings, deeper trust and efficient communication, at  scale,” said Richard Favero, CEO  and chairman.

“It’s more than just a natural fit, it’s an immediate win for our respective customers. In adding  ubisend’s conversational AI infrastructure and expertise to our nearly 30-year experience in  enterprise-level mobile messaging, we will be able to provide the tools and solutions our customers  need now, and in the future, to unleash their communication potential.”