A company aiming to bring accessible AI and data science solutions to the asset management industry has floated on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, raising £6.1 million. 

Insig AI provides bespoke web-based applications, advanced analytical tools and modern technology infrastructure to make machine learning accessible to investment professionals.   

The Insig AI product suite is designed to transform an asset manager’s data infrastructure and machine learning capabilities to deliver actionable and measurable results.  

Formerly known as Insight Capital, Insig AI’s cutting-edge technology has been created by a multi-disciplined team of data scientists, consultants, and asset management professionals.  

Insight Capital was co-founded by Steve Cracknell and Chief Technology Officer Warren Pearson. They had previously worked together at Goldman Sachs in the early 2000s and then again in 2013 when they ran a machine learning start-up based in Silicon Valley. On returning to London in 2017, they established Insight to develop solutions for the asset management industry.  

Insig AI will allow investment professionals to keep up with the benefits of modern technology and turbocharge their data science and machine learning capabilities,” said Cracknell.  

A core feature of our products is that they are not black boxes. All outputs are both explainable and transparent – allowing portfolio managers to dig down into the results and methodologies at every step.  

This approach enables clients to confidently transition to a data-centric business model, advance and scale their analytical potential and gain value, speed and strategic leverage.  

As we grow and launch future AI and machine learning products, we will continue to give asset managers the edge needed to beat markets and competitors.”