If you’re tired of living the 9 to 5 life, dragging yourself through the door long after your children have arrived home and seeing minimal financial reward for all your extensive efforts, it could be time for a career change. A home-based franchise may be the answer to your dreams as it will give you a lot more freedom and considerable financial recompense.

Here are some great reasons to choose a home-based franchise as a parent:

Experience a reduction in stress

There are many stresses associated with work, but with a home-based franchise, you can alleviate a lot of your worries. Firstly, you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect premises because you already have them right where you live. What’s more, you won’t have to feel anxious about being late for work because you’re only a flight of stairs away from your own personal office. An even more appealing benefit to home-based franchises for parents is that you won’t have to deal with a negative workplace environment or office gossip. It is also likely that your children will be inspired by your renewed happiness and optimism too!

Working from home is more cost-effective

When you run your own business from the comfort of your home, one of the major benefits is the savings you will make on paying for premises. This lack of overheads translates directly into a boost for your profit margins. Low-cost franchises are excellent if you want to maximise your earnings, rather than sacrifice a portion of your profit in rental payments for premises. As less start-up money is generally required for home-based businesses, there is also less initial financial risk involved in your venture, which can be reassuring and put your mind at ease as you embark on your new franchise business.

You can set a great example for your children

For most kids, it is very rare that they get to see their parents in the full flow of their work and employment seems like an intangible concept to them. However, if you run your franchise from home, they will see the value in working hard and will be able to directly apply it in their own lives. This can be an excellent building block for their ethical growth and development and something they will remember as they grow up. It is likely to inspire them and spur them on in their own careers as they will have seen their devoted and dedicated parent fulfilling their ambitions and realising their goals.

Spend more time with family

Many work from home franchises can be run on a part-time basis and can work around your schedule. If there are certain hours or days when you cannot work, then you will be able to find deeper flexibility from this form of business. Working from home as a franchisee will allow you to wave your children off to school every single morning and to be there at home for them when they return every single afternoon. You will not have to worry about missing that school play or recital because it will be easy to tailor your work around your family commitments.

Increased productivity

If you are used to working in a hectic workplace, you’ll be aware that there can be times when it is almost impossible to focus your mind on work and blank out the distractions around you. In a home environment, that problem is significantly reduced because you can choose your own office space, decorate it in a way that makes it conducive to optimising your productivity and get on with your work. Interestingly, your increased happiness and relaxation in your home-based environment is also likely to spark an increase in your productivity levels as a global study has revealed that happy workers are 13 per cent more productive.

Find the perfect franchise that suits you

There is a vast and varied range of home-based franchise opportunities to choose from, so you can select the kind of sector that really appeals to you and be your own boss! From consultancy to cars and eCommerce to entrepreneurship, there is a franchise to suit every parent. Whether you want to sell goods, provide a service or simply use your business to help the community, you will be able to find an option that entices and inspires you to start your own work from home franchise.

The potential for a new family business

For parents with older teenage or grown children, it can even be an opportunity to get them involved in the business too, as it may be something they would love to get on board with once they leave school. They may even be full of creative ideas from a different perspective!

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