Posted on March 14, 2019 by staff

Are you a HealthTech innovator?


BusinessCloud is searching for the leading lights of the UK HealthTech sector.

Technology is transforming healthcare, increasingly in the cash-strapped NHS, which is under growing pressure from an aging population.

The government has outlined a 10-year strategy to transform the NHS with technology identified as a solution to improve patient services and save money in the process.

Technology is already being used to help diagnose acute conditions and provide insights into treatments and prevention. Voice assistants, video consultations, health apps, chatbots and wearable tech have all got a part to play.

That’s why BusinessCloud’s latest list is focusing on the UK’s top 101 HealthTech Innovators.

We want to shine a light on the companies and individuals who are doing amazing things with technology in the world of tech.

Is your innovation making a difference to the lives of patients? Are you making an impact on the way doctors and nurses offer care?

We’ll be publishing the list in the next BusinessCloud magazine and online.

BusinessCloud editor Chris Maguire said: “HealthTech is booming.  From speaking to your doctor via a mobile phone app to 3D printed organs that allow surgeons to practice on life-like models before an operation, technology is underpinning healthcare.

“Tech is helping patients to monitor their ongoing health issues and flag up potential problems before they happen.

“The NHS is an institution with caring staff but it’s creaking under the pressure. The race is on to find the technology that can help manage demand and improve the health of the wider population and not just pockets of it.”

Maguire said BusinessCloud’s 101 HealthTech innovators list could include surgeons, GPs, entrepreneurs, field leaders and companies trying to improve patient care through tech.

Companies can nominate themselves or be nominated by clicking here or through the embedded form below. Closing date for submissions is April 5th, 2019.

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