Posted on March 27, 2018 by staff

AR is here – and brands need to get involved


Augmented reality is fast becoming part of people’s everyday lives and brands need to get on board with the technology, according to Natalie Matlak, senior brand partner at AR ‘ecosystem’ Blippar.

London-based Blippar employs 250 people around the world and develops AR content and tech solutions for brands and retailers.

When you hover your smartphone or tablet’s camera over a participating product while inside the Blippar app, interactive content such as product information or games appears.

“When we started seven years ago people were talking about AR but they didn’t know how it would fit in and what they would do with it,” Matlak told BusinessCloud.

“The key in the past couple of years has been the evolution of the hardware and the software.

“Now Apple and Samsung are investing heavily to have the technology sitting within the phone itself – it means that AR is so much more accessible in everyday lives.

“Brands really need to think about how they can adopt AR.”

Blippar counts the likes of McDonald’s, Cadbury’s and American food giant General Mills among its customers.

The firm, which has offices in Mountain View, California, Singapore and India, can also publish the AR content it develops inside clients’ apps.

“We also work with agencies who want to build the content themselves. We have self-service tools where they can do that and publish it inside our app or their clients’ app.

“We’ve built a true augmented reality ecosystem.”