Posted on April 26, 2018 by staff

Appian and KPMG to help companies through AI services


Appian and KPMG LLP are expanding their strategic alliance to focus on making it easier to realise the business value of artificial intelligence (AI).

This will be achieved by combining the KPMG Ignite portfolio of AI services with the speed, features and intelligent automation (IA) capabilities of Appian’s low-code platform.

KPMG and Appian will expand their relationship around AI-related applications and Appian’s platform will be leveraged by KPMG Lighthouse, a Centre of Excellence for Data & Analytics, to demonstrate application and operational delivery of innovative AI services.

AI technology holds immense promise for smarter decisions, faster action and smoother business operations in scenarios ranging from frontline customer service to back-office risk management and regulatory compliance.

Real-world deployment of AI solutions lags, however, because AI solutions tend to exist in separate silos that are disconnected from operational systems.

Appian and KPMG are working together to bridge this gap, enabling innovative applications of AI and machine learning – ranging from voice analytics, to prediction based on Big Data, to chatbots and more – to be directly and effortlessly injected in real-time into the applications that run organisations’ most essential business processes.

Currently, the results of AI are predominantly used as a way to analyse after the fact. Applying the results directly in active processes is key to making the right decision at the right time.

Working together, Appian and KPMG will enable better decision-making and a higher level of automation, driving better business outcomes and reduced costs.

According to The Forrester Wave™: Insights Service Providers, Q1 2017 report: “Decision makers are increasingly dissatisfied with the level of analytics in their companies.

“They realise data alone cannot solve business problems. The ability to provide cutting-edge analytics, deliver insights and support implementation will dictate which providers lead the pack.

“Those that turn data into insights that prescribe specific actions to improve outcomes will deliver the most customer value.”

The expanded alliance will offer clients the benefit of KPMG Ignite, which includes methods, tools and approaches that focus on improving the consistency, efficiency and speed of AI-enabled decisions and actions.

These are backed by highly skilled data science resources with experience in building and training AI data models.

Appian makes it easy to orchestrate people, AI services and a robotic process automation (RPA) powered workforce to improve the most essential business processes.

“Appian not only provides the digital layer to connect operational systems, it also helps integrate multiple classes of intelligent automation technology with human operations to optimise and expand the business value of our IA solutions,” said Bill Cline, intelligent automation US advisory leader at KPMG LLP.

“Appian is an ideal platform to help operationalise advanced AI solutions in a fraction of the time and we can deliver exceptional client value with this new aspect of our relationship.”

Marc Wilson, senior vice president, global partnerships and industries at Appian, said: “KPMG is uniquely positioned to help us deliver the benefits of Appian for AI.

“It has both industry-leading data science and analytics expertise and as a long-time Appian partner, it has deep experience in getting the most out of our platform.”