Posted on July 17, 2018 by staff

App lets employees upskill with an AI assistant


Staying on top of skills is a tall order in the fast-paced world of business, but a new app is aiming to help employees around the world upskill from the comfort of their smartphones.

Australian best-selling business author, mentor and educator Dale Beaumont has just launched a new mobile app called Bizversity.

The app provides a personalised program that aligns with both the user’s interests and professional development while also being immensely relevant to today’s dynamic workplace.

The application offers users the opportunity to explore 80 different business-related topics, including SEO analysis, financial planning and strategic marketing with all topics presented through on-demand, ‘how to’ training videos.

With over 250 business professionals contributing to the app, each session is guided by a leading industry expert that engages with the user, as well as an AI virtual assistant to aid in the learning experience.

“We set out to build a product where business owners didn’t need to travel, attend events or cater to those who couldn’t afford a business coach. It was then one of my users during the beta testing stage who said this is great, it’s like Netflix for business,” said Beaumont.

After two years of content creation and software development, Bizversity is now ready. The app makes it possible to learn and work on the go, and its easy accessibility provides a platform to learn business at your own pace without having to take time out of work.

Beaumont believes Bizversity is ultimately about saving international employees time and money, whilst also changing the way learning and development occurs on a training level.

He has been helping other international companies grow since he established his first company at age 19.

Bizversity has a 14-day free trial with videos accessible to anyone, on-demand, via their smartphone app. Monthly plans start from only US$9 per month.

“The small investment for users will ultimately pay huge dividends,” said Beaumont.

“Within minutes, individuals will be learning how to market and make more sales, improve cash flow, profits and productivity, all while also becoming a better manager.

“Our goal is to get to 1,000,000 paid subscribers by the end of 2020. Clearly, we have a long road ahead but like we tell our users, no one achieves anything great by thinking small.”