Posted on April 18, 2017 by staff

App dedicated to late F1 driver Jules Bianchi launches


An app developed in the wake of Jules Bianchi’s fatal Formula One crash, which allows loved ones to communicate remotely with patients in comatose and post-comatose states, has launched.

Frenchman Bianchi lost his life aged 25 in July 2015 following nine months in an induced coma after his Marussia collided with a recovery vehicle at a wet 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

A team of young international tech entrepreneurs with the support of hospitals in France, Luxembourg and Switzerland have now launched FamilyPlug and dedicated it to his memory.

“Our technology has been developed to support the most recent studies in rehabilitative neuro-science and occupational therapy, allowing communities to play an active role in the recovery path of patients with severe brain injuries,” said Mattia Lattanzio, CEO and founder of FamilyPlug.

“We were not quick enough to release this app for our friend Jules, but we work hoping that our experience will help other patients and their families around the world.”

The simple communication channel allows patients to receive regular vocal support from a close community willing to participate in their recovery in an independent and non-intrusive way.

Kate Allatt is a Locked-in Syndrome survivor, internationally published author, TEDx speaker and champion of the FamilyPlug project.

“FamilyPlug offers an easy and immediate virtual communication solution for distant families and friends willing to maintain contact with their less conscious loved-ones in hospitals,” she said.

“I just wish my family could have used FamilyPlug with me in those dark days.”

The company was able to raise important funds from an international panel of angel investors from Asia and Europe and is about to enter the market expansion phase.

Targeting an estimated 20 million potential users, and after months of development, FamilyPlug has been released on both iOS and Android and is now available in Europe and the US.