Bosses at a Liverpool firm says they’re on a mission to make a splash in the UK with a craze that’s already huge in America. 

Virtue Water, based at Knowsley Business Park, specialises in ionised water devices that fit to standard kitchen taps.  

The equipment alters the state of standard drinking water, raising the pH level from neutral to 9.5, or high alkaline, which is said to have a myriad of health benefits, such as improved sleep as it helps neutralise acid levels in the bloodstream.  

According to Zenith Global, the alkaline water sector is already a huge industry across the Pond with the North American market growing 44% a year since 2013.

Andrew Cowan from Virtue Water is hoping the UK market will also embrace high alkaline water.  

He said: “A lot of people in the UK won’t be familiar with ionized water but we’re hoping to change that.  

“The industry is already huge in America, particularly after Beyonce revealed in 2013 that it was on the rider for her world tour. 

“We’re the first company to bring our unique water ionizer to the UK and we’re excited to see how it can make a splash in the highly competitive water market. 

“Our customers have been giving us incredible feedback so far, and we hope to help more and more people discover how ionized alkaline water can become an important part of their everyday lives.”

The Virtue Water device uses a two step-process to filter out ions that aren’t needed in drinking water to leave consumers with a higher pH value water.  

Firstly, it filters out components such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, fluoride, pesticides, and micro-plastics using a multistage activated carbon filter.  

Then a small electrical charge is introduced into the water though platinum-coated titanium electrodes.  

The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in a patented chamber designed to separate the water into two streams of ionized water.  

A number of celebrities have been vocal about their support for ionized alkaline water, including Gwyneth Paltrow and seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady.  

Supporters of the alkaline lifestyle believe in a range of potential health benefits including anti-ageing properties, improved hydration and weight loss.