BusinessCloud is revamping its innovation rankings with a calendar of sector-specific Tech 50s. 

The move brings together its hugely successful regional Tech 50s – which celebrated the innovation in each corner of the UK – and top 100s in HealthTech, FinTech, eCommerce and MediaTech. 

The new Tech 50s will crown the most innovative tech companies in 14 sectors via the following rankings: 

  • HealthTech 50 
  • MedTech 50 
  • PropTech 50 
  • SportTech 50 
  • FinTech 50 
  • InsurTech 50 
  • RegTech 50
  • TransportTech 50 
  • RetailTech 50 
  • MarTech 50 
  • EdTech 50 
  • FactoryTech 50 
  • MediaTech 50 
  • EnviroTech 50 

Each ranking will debut either this year or early in 2022 – dates are available here. 

MedTech, InsurTech and RegTech receive their own recognition, spun out of the top 100s in HealthTech and FinTech. For the first time, we will shine a spotlight on nationwide innovators in sectors including property, education, marketing, sport, transport and green tech.

For each ranking, a panel of industry experts will judge our shortlist of nominations – between 75-150 companies of all sizes – before we open voting to our readers for a week. The final 50 ranking will be decided by a combination of the two. 

As part of the shortlisting process, turnover, workforce growth, media coverage and investment may be key validators; however, the key criterion for judging the final ranking is creation of disruptive technology. 

To nominate a company or see a detailed breakdown of the dates for each ranking – including nomination deadline, reader voting and publication – click below.