Posted on January 19, 2018 by staff

American Bitcoin expert to speak at cryptocurrency event


Bitcoin expert Benjamin Semchee (alias Bitcoin Ben) will be flying in from America to speak at BusinessCloud’s cryptocurrency breakfast event on 2 February.

Semchee made an unlikely move into the world of Bitcoins after first making his name in radio and stand-up comedy and has attracted something of a cult following on social media because of his unusual approach.

His hilarious antics and knowledge of current events and the long-term direction of cryptocurrencies means he won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

He told BusinessCloud: “I used to have a local radio show and did stand-up comedy for years. I now host a Facebook and YouTube show called The Bitcoin Ben Show.

“I have about 100,000 views per week and have a loyal following all over the world.

“I was recently invited by Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin) to join their team as a Influence-er/contributor on the project. I have many years of public speaking and live audio/video experience.

“My mix of comedy and information leads itself well to public speaking. I entertain as I educate the crowd.”

The American is one of a stellar line-up of speakers including Scott Fletcher MBE, tech investor and founder of ANS; Gavin Brown, senior lecturer in financial economics at MMU and director of regulation & finance at Blockchain Capital; Matthew Margetts, partner, BLOCWORX Crypto Communications Agency; Louise Broderick, global blockchain driver, PwC ;  and Phillip Nunn, chief executive, The Blackmore Group and blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist.