Posted on January 30, 2017 by staff

California software giant Altium buys Premier EDA


California-based software multinational Altium has acquired Hertfordshire firm Premier EDA.

Premier EDA, founded in 1994, provides software tools for companies involved in electronics design.

“Altium is excited to have the Premier EDA Solutions team join our direct sales force and further strengthen our growing European business,” said Altium chief financial officer Joe Bedewi.

“Premier is highly respected by customers, and like Altium is committed to empowering the engineers and designers who create the electronic products and systems of our increasingly connected world.”

Phil Mayo, managing director of Premier EDA Solutions, said: “For 23 years we have been singularly focused on the success of Altium products in the United Kingdom.

“We now have an exciting opportunity to extend our reach and put Altium’s leading-edge PCB design tools into the hands of many more engineers.”