Investigative technology firm Altia has launched a cloud-native platform designed to streamline and accelerate the crime-solving process.

The new platform, named Altia HQ, offers a holistic approach to investigations, allowing users to save time, improve collaboration and identify avenues of interest which need exploring.  

Altia HQ consolidates a growing range of investigative modules, providing any organisation that conducts investigations, such as law enforcement, government and regulatory bodies, with interoperable digital tools to support their investigations.

The framework will integrate all of Altia’s existing investigative tools into an easy to navigate, centralised hub, accessible to users with a single login.  

“What sets Altia HQ apart is its seamless communication between different modules, facilitating quicker discovery of links and exploration of alternative investigative avenues – helping users to build robust investigations to crack cases faster,” explained Rob Sinclair, CEO at the Nottingham firm.

“Consolidating multiple investigative tools into one user-friendly platform is a game-changer for any organisation that conducts investigations, and we are looking forward to seeing how this all-encompassing technology evolves in the future,” he added. 

Previously, agencies had to switch between different platforms or tools when building a case, which was time consuming and ran the risk of key details going under the radar as a result of human error. 

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Altia HQ eliminates this by unlocking additional investigative avenues with a unified data store and a robust golden entity design feature, which will uncover links and connections across cases. 

“We always aim to stay ahead of the curve, and we recognised that agencies who use multiple investigative programmes spend needless hours collating all the data into one place,” added Sinclair. 

“With Altia HQ, the integration of modules removes the need to trawl between different systems. 

“Instead, users have all resources conveniently accessible within one platform, not only streamlining their workflow, but enhancing their ability to combat crime.” 

Additionally, Altia HQ includes evidentially compliant transcribing technology that converts voice intelligence into text, plus the ability to seamlessly integrate financial analysis into a case as well as information gathered in the field.  

Featuring Altia’s Insight, CLIO and OSINT Investigator software, the platform will also give users the flexibility to select and customise modules according to their specific needs. 

Sinclair continued: “We’re always looking at how we can refine, improve, and develop the most innovative software in a bid to support investigation agencies, and moving forward we’ll continue to grow Altia HQ. 

“It’s great to lead the way forward in the digital intelligence space and Altia HQ is a prime example of how technology can drive investigations forward, helping users to see the links within cases, as well as saving them countless hours by eliminating the need to sift through different platforms for crucial data.  

“With its innovative features and commitment to enhancing investigative capabilities, Altia HQ is poised to revolutionise crime-solving efforts.”

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