Treefera, an AI-enabled data management platform focused on bringing transparency and accuracy to nature-based asset reporting, has raised £9.6 million in Series A funding from AlbionVC.

Co-founded by Jonathan Horn, theoretical physicist and former managing director at J.P. Morgan, and Caroline Grey, former chief customer officer at UiPath, Treefera is reshaping the commercial value of nature-based solutions.

The Treefera platform does this by delivering data solutions and insights to clients dealing with the increasingly complex regulatory challenges involved in environmental and supply chain compliance. 

By integrating satellite, drone and ground truth data at huge scale and overlaying this with cutting-edge AI algorithms, the Treefera platform provides continuous monitoring, assurance and risk evaluation to its clients. This includes the ability to deliver insights and assurances around the provenance of commodities, deforestation risk, carbon credits, carbon removal, and supply chain sustainability. 

Unlike current industry processes and procedures, Treefera delivers insights immediately. This is achieved through a combination of deep learning models and novel AI search techniques, making Treefera the first platform to unlock this level of granularity at scale.

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For clients – such as project developers, biochar producers, registries, financial services operating in the carbon credit market, bioenergy and biofuel companies and supply chain businesses – the platform covers jurisdictions (countries and large regions) as well as 500+ registered forest projects and harvest sites, bringing together an unprecedented volume of environmental and forestry data. The platform then integrates with client analytics through an API.

“Since our launch in September, the demand for instant, comprehensive insights across various nature-based data domains has exceeded our expectations,” said CEO Horn.

“Treefera meets this demand by providing real-time transparency and accuracy, crucial for businesses navigating environmental challenges and supply chain complexities.”

Treefera has forged partnerships with industry leaders, including Anew Climate, ACCIONA, and Maple Credits. 

Paul Lehair, investment director at AlbionVC, added: “We have been extremely impressed by the team’s vision and execution to date. Treefera has managed to build a market-leading product and data platform for nature-based assets in very little time, which is addressing huge transparency problems in the carbon credits space and supply chain, as well as in other verticals. 

“The momentum has been very strong as the world and companies across sectors are wrestling with their impact on climate change. We are firm believers that the Treefera team, led by Jonathan and Caroline, have the capability to build a generational company that addresses humanity’s most significant challenge and helps companies on their transition to a net zero future.”

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