Fyma, an AI company that analyses real-time video feeds, has closed a £1.7 million investment round led by Quadri Ventures, alongside Second Century Ventures.

Fyma’s software is designed to be universally compatible, seamlessly integrating with any IP camera worldwide. It harnesses the capabilities of AI and computer vision to deliver comprehensive real-time analysis of video feeds.

Through the software, commercial real estate developers, asset owners and managers are provided with detailed insights into how they approach property management through a range of applications covering monitoring and occupancy analysis to precise footfall tracking and efficient parking management, as well as providing data for tenant experience apps.

To promote environmental sustainability, Fyma’s software has been designed to work with existing camera networks to reduce the need for additional hardware. This compatibility reduces the need for costly infrastructure upgrades while aligning with the company’s mission to reduce the carbon footprint associated with widely used sensor systems. The data can also integrate with ESG dashboards.

The company will use the investment to fuel its go-to-market strategy as well as spearhead further product development through a dedicated research and development programme. This includes both further enhancing its integrations with large language model providers to deliver seamless insights without having the need to build custom dashboards as well as further utilising generative AI tools to teach its AI to detect new objects in shorter amounts of time.

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Fyma was founded by CEO Karen Burns and CTO Taavi Tammiste and is utilised by clients across the globe including QuadReal, Grosvenor Estates and Technopolis.

“It is a really exciting time for Fyma, and we are delighted to have secured the support of Quadri Ventures, SCV and VeUP to continue our growth journey,” said Burns. 

“Our innovative AI solution saves enormous amounts of time and money for our customers and armed with this investment, technological support and the fantastic strategic network of SCV, we will continue to develop our solutions to deliver valuable, market leading software for our global client base.”

Fyma’s flexible software provides bespoke solutions to customers ranging from individual office buildings through to expansive retail sites and large mixed-use developments. Fyma’s AI technology can also be used to measure modal share, and has both indoor and outdoor capabilities to allow for a comprehensive view of all real estate assets.

Andrew Drylie, investment manager at Quadi Ventures, said: “Fyma is working at the cutting edge of AI automation to seamlessly deliver new insights for property groups and real estate companies around the globe. 

“Their laser-like focus on ease of deployment and scalability coupled with a simple end user experience is what we feel separates Fyma apart from legacy solutions across this space. We are excited to partner with Fyma and feel confident Quadri’s comprehensive go-to-market support, corporate connections and deep cloud expertise will help propel Fyma rapidly toward the next stage of their evolution.”

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