Posted on February 11, 2019 by staff

AI manufacturing firm brings tech to North East


AI firm Senseye has partnered with North East Automative Alliance to provide their predictive tech to the automotive sector.

Headquartered in Southampton, the company created the predictive maintenance software which allows manufacturers to monitor thousands of their machines remotely.

The programme can identify problems automatically and also estimates when components and machines are likely to fail before they do.

This has helped manufacturers, such as Nissan, halve unplanned downtime and cut maintenance costs by 40 per cent.

Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye, said: “Senseye moves predictive maintenance forward from being an expensive, manually intensive task that focused on critical points of failure only, to one in which organisations can monitor all of their machinery automatically and prioritise maintenance based on need.

“Our software is already helping major manufacturers across the UK halve their levels of machine downtime and achieve maintenance cost reductions of 40 per cent.”

Senseye recently appointed Peter Portner to lead its operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in their European expansion.

Paul Butler, CEO of the NEAA, said: “We are delighted to partner with Senseye. Its ground-breaking predictive maintenance capability is already proven to boost the productivity of automotive manufacturing environments, and there is enormous potential for its technology to transform our sector in the North East of England and around the world.”