Mavenoid, a hardware support platform, is plotting UK growth after securing $30 million in a Series B financing round.

Mavenoid’s AI-powered platform empowers any brand with physical technology products – such as consumer electronics, home appliances, micro-mobility, and industrial machinery – to provide seamless support to their customers.

The round was led by Smedvig Capital. Previous investors Creandum, Mosaic and Point Nine Capital, as well as new investors NordicNinja, ABB Technology Ventures, and financing partner SVB UK, also participated.

“The UK has such incredible talent who are also passionate about fixing more, replacing less, and creating great customer experiences,” a spokesperson told BusinessCloud. “It’s a great place for Mavenoid to grow our footprint.

“Although Mavenoid has no set UK office and has a primarily remote workforce, the UK is a key market for the company’s growth. 

“Just like brands around the globe, UK-based companies face the same tough challenges when it comes to hardware support – how to offer effective and high-quality experiences while balancing costs and efficiency.

“Mavenoid’s product can help address those issues, automating repetitive inquiries and reducing support overhead costs for UK-based brands like Cambridge Audio.”

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The platform can stand alone or plug into existing support technologies such as Zendesk and Salesforce. It is backed by remote support tools such as live chat and interactive video calling.

The funds raised will be used to further develop Mavenoid’s AI and technology, as well as scale the business globally to meet the demand for support solutions from companies with physical products. 

“There are many support platforms out there, but in reality, you can’t fix a broken dishwasher using the same methods as you do to rebook a flight,” said Shahan Lilja, co-founder and CEO. 

“That’s why we’ve built Mavenoid specifically for companies with physical products – everything from headphones to e-scooters to industrial machines – so these hardware brands have the platform they need to provide sophisticated product support.”

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