Posted on July 26, 2019 by staff

AI-enabled app for cancer patients to launch


Connected health platform Careology, designed for people with a cancer diagnosis, has launched.

The firm has created a technology designed to help those with the disease feel in control of their own care and connect to family and loved ones, while being ‘better patients’ to help providers deliver better outcomes.

The app integrates with a range of health-tracking devices to monitor temperature, heart rate, and activity levels. It connects to wearables.

Patients are given a simple way to monitor symptoms & side-effects, track how they are feeling, manage their medication, and share all aspects of their status with their friends, family, and physicians.

The firm then collects anonymised data sets, which are fed into machine learning algorithms to refine healthcare provision and enable predictive analytics that designed to benefit areas such as drug discovery.

Paul Landau, CEO and founder of Careology, was one of the first people to identify the potential health applications of wearable tech back in 2005 with his company Fitbug.

After witnessing his wife’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment journey in 2016, he was inspired to begin his new venture.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to create an advanced technology solution that deals with cancer care differently, employing consumer-oriented design, blended with clinically robust thinking and data science,” he explained.

“Careology provides useful tools, but also looks and feels like any great app you would want to use as part of everyday life – we want to create something that is for people, not patients”.

The app also provides personalised, relevant content such as recipes, articles and tips, based on each individuals’ health status areas of interest.

Landau continues: “The sobering reality is half of us will get cancer during our lifetime. With 18 million new cases diagnosed every year worldwide, including and 2.5 million of those new cases are in the UK and US.

Ultimately, we see Careology filling a void that currently exists for people living with cancer, their families and the healthcare professionals that manage their care. We believe that thoughtful technology can help to make the life of people affected by a cancer diagnosis simpler, when everything is already complicated enough.”

The firm said its vision is to become the global leader in patient-centred care.

The app will be available on iOS-operated devices from launch and will be available on Android in Autumn.

The app is free to use for symptom tracking, medication management, journal and calendar, and a premium membership will be available this year which costing £10 a month.