Exscientia has unveiled a 21,000 square foot expansion of its facilities at Oxford Science Park. 

In parallel, the firm is building a new 26,000 square foot robotic laboratory at nearby Milton Park, Oxfordshire focused on the automation of chemistry and biology to accelerate drug discovery. 

It more than doubles the AI drugs discovery firm’s footprint to 47,000+ square feet and will see Exscientia create around 100 new jobs, building on more than 100 employees already added in 2021.  

It will also increase capacity for its technology teams and significantly expand its laboratory-based experimental capabilities in structural biology, biophysics and high-content pharmacology, taking Exscientia towards its goal of drugs designed by AI and made by robot. 

“Exscientia has grown significantly in 2021, driven by new partnerships with leading pharma and biotech companies, as well as by our in-house drug discovery work. Our pipeline includes more than 25 active research programs across therapeutic areas, with a focus on immunology and oncology,” said Dr. David Hallet, Chief Operating Officer of Exscientia.  

“To meet this expanded growth, we have added more than 100 employees to-date in 2021 and are excited to continue this growth as we seek to add more world-class scientists and technologists to our team.”

Exscientia is a global company, headquartered in Oxford, UK with sites in Miami (FL, US), Vienna (Austria), Dundee (Scotland, UK) and Osaka (Japan).  

The company currently has over 170 people, roughly split between technologists and drug discovery scientists, with a united goal to find smarter and faster ways to discover and develop new drugs.