Vulse, whose ground-breaking AI technology is reducing content creation times from hours to seconds, has secured a pre-seed round of angel investment worth £150,000, to accelerate growth and implement revolutionary features.

Vulse secured the investment from SFC Capital, to help LinkedIn users develop personal brands and promote company pages, providing AI-supported content ideas and posts to small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Rob Illidge, Vulse CEO said: “I am thrilled to announce our pre-seed investment from SFC Capital. This milestone marks a crucial step in our journey towards revolutionising social media content creation using AI.

“We are incredibly excited by the trust and confidence that SFC Capital has placed in our vision and our team. Their expertise and track record in supporting early-stage technology startups will undoubtedly accelerate our growth and development, helping us bring our cutting-edge AI solutions to market more efficiently.

“This investment will enable us to expand our research and development efforts, as well as scale our operations globally to better serve our customers.

“Our dedicated team of developers, engineers, and marketers, is now more committed than ever to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, delivering transformative social media solutions to empower individuals and ambitious businesses.”

CarbonCode acquires 10% of social media platform

The Manchester-based company’s personal branding platform has been working alongside The Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the region’s AI Foundry, and recently attracted a 10 per cent investment from global software developers, CarbonCode.

Vulse helps users save time when creating LinkedIn posts by offering content ideas based on industry, trends, and relevance, whilst instantly creating content using its proprietary AI model.

Stephen Page, CEO, of SFC Capital, added: “We are delighted to announce our £150,000 pre-seed investment in Vulse. Their innovative approach and dedicated team have showcased tremendous potential in revolutionizing the AI and social media landscape.

“At SFC Capital, we believe in supporting game-changing startups, and we are confident that this investment will accelerate their growth and help bring their transformative solutions to millions of LinkedIn users.

“We look forward to working closely with Vulse and witnessing the positive impact they will have on the social media industry.”

‘Treatment since listing THG fuels our startup spirit’

Vulse is aiming to raise an additional £100,000 of investment to close their current funding round.