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Nowadays, many companies are moving towards a hybrid model that combines remote work with an in-office presence. One of the challenges that this form poses for employers is providing the right environment for business meetings, conferences or staff training. Many companies choose to build meeting rooms or adapt existing premises for business meetings. However, there is a solution that may be better, cheaper and more practical – a modern acoustic pod. Learn about its benefits and advantages over the traditional meeting room.

Advantages of acoustic pods over meeting rooms

There are many advantages to using acoustic pods in place of traditional meeting rooms. With office pods, meetings of a scattered team, training sessions or internal team meetings can be even more effective.

Lower cost

Building, designing and equipping a conference room or adapting an existing room can involve significant costs. Additionally, rising office rental prices and the hybrid working model are leading many companies to opt for smaller spaces. As a result, there is a shortage of rooms that can be used for meetings or teleconferences. It is worth mentioning that the pods are available in several sizes, so they can be adapted to the number of people employed in the organisation and the space available. The hushHybrid acoustic cabin with a depth of 900 mm is a solution that will work even in smaller offices where every square metre counts, the number of people attending meetings is smaller than in large corporations, and these meetings are more often conducted remotely.


Effective soundproofing

Acoustic pods are able to provide ideal conditions for business meetings. Thanks to the reduction of external noise, those attending the meeting will be able to focus on the discussion at hand. The design of these solutions is optimised to improve acoustics in the office. There is no problem with reverberation in the pods, and there is no problem with noise coming from the outside. They are an excellent alternative to meeting rooms, where it is often difficult to hear a speaker or hold a discussion without disruption.

It is worth noting that the acoustic cabins are not completely cut off from surrounding noises. They let in a sound level of around 40 dB, so the employee can hear alarm signals, while conversations from the outside only get through as soft murmurs.

Working comfort and energy efficiency

Acoustic pods can be spacious and allow you to gain a ready-made “room” that functions as a meeting room, without the need to construct or renovate the space. They will provide an ideal venue for in-house meetings, business meetings, teleconferences or presentations. HushMeet.L acoustic pods for up to 8 people can be expanded as required, thanks to their modular design. The ventilation system ensures adequate air circulation, which is important for comfort during meetings with more staff. In addition, the lighting and ventilation only operate when the pods are in use, significantly saving energy.

Greater flexibility

Acoustic pods, unlike meeting rooms, are a more flexible solution as they can be easily moved between rooms or buildings. Their mobility is ensured by lockable castors or a removable plinth, allowing the use of a pallet truck. This allows the company to take it with them when they change offices, without having to allocate costs once again to set up a room for co-working and online meetings. These solutions are extremely functional, and can accommodate all kinds of furniture and equipment, e.g. a table, chairs, whiteboard or TV. This will provide the organisation with an ideal space for effective work, meetings and training.

Design in line with current trends

Acoustic pods have a modern, simple and aesthetically pleasing design that does not compete with other elements of the office. This ensures that whatever style the space is decorated in, they will complement it well. The high-quality upholstery is not only available in many colours, but also absorbs sound. Acoustic pods with the greenWall solution additionally provide the opportunity to experience nature in the office on a daily basis.

Hushoffice acoustic pod with the greenWall plant wall

Which companies should consider purchasing a conference acoustic pod?

The modern acoustic pod is a solution that can replace traditional meeting rooms. It provides ideal conditions for business meetings, training sessions or conferences. In addition, the cost of such an investment is significantly lower than building a conference room. Acoustic cubicles are a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution, which has a positive impact on the company’s image.

The acoustic pod improves working comfort and provides the ability to be placed in many different locations in the office. Above all, it is worth considering such a purchase when the company has little space for a traditional conference room. Collaborative acoustic pods are also a great solution for organisations that provide online training or host webinars. In the office pod, course participants will be able to focus on the presentation without distractions from the outside.