An app that helps members better manage ADHD through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has raised £9m ($11m) in Series A funding.

The investment in Inflow has been led by the multi-stage European VC firm Octopus Ventures, with participation from London-based early stage venture firm Hoxton Ventures and Route66 Ventures.

Inflow has raised over £11.5m ($14) to date and will use the new funding for product development and to further expand its team.

Built by a team of leading clinicians and coaches, with a large portion of the team being neurodiverse, including co-founder Dr George Sachs, Inflow helps people with ADHD to better understand and manage their symptom.

By using CBT-based coping strategies, Inflow is an accessible and affordable approach that enables its members to develop self-regulation techniques that can be embedded within their everyday routines.

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Inflow also provides group and community-based support where members can attend live events, hosted by qualified clinicians and in-app coaches, including co-founder Dr George Sachs and the company’s clinical advisors.

Seb Isaacs, co-founder of Inflow, said: “Diagnosing and treating ADHD can be a long and costly process, and living with the symptoms can be extremely challenging.

“We want to help our members make significant improvements to their quality of life by giving them the tools to better understand themselves, and implement coping strategies that actually work.”

Dr Sachs added: “To ensure the usability and feasibility of the Inflow app, since launching, we have preliminary results through  open study testing that members have experienced a decrease in ADHD symptoms and impairment by following Inflow’s approach.

“It’s encouraging and edifying to see how providing these techniques to those with ADHD, directly and easily through our app, is making a difference to their lives.”

Will Gibbs, partner at Octopus Ventures, adds: “People with ADHD represent around 10 per cent of the global population and Inflow is offering a new way to help them access the most effective support.

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“We believe Inflow can become a world-changing business making a huge impact on people’s lives, and not just those with ADHD but in a range of neurological areas in the future.”