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The latest indicator of how modern technology is changing the entertainment world comes from Las Vegas, where singer Adele is set for her long-awaited concert residency. Reports confirm that she will be using a piece of technology worth a cool £400,000 to look after her valuable voice, but how does it work – and how is this just the latest example of technology changing the world of entertainment?

What is the story with the Adele technology?

This story emerged a little less than a year after the British singer cancelled her ‘Weekends with Adele’ residency in Las Vegas at the start of 2022. Her new stint in the American city begins on 18 November and will see her perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

As part of the deal, the venue has installed a system to give Adele the best possible quality of air for her concerts. Described as a complex system, it’s said to have cost £400,000 and will protect her voice as she sings. It uses a mixture of purification units, dehumidifiers, fans, and elements that disperse water molecules to keep fans cool while controlling the air on and around the stage.

While the reasons for cancelling her early residency have never been fully confirmed, it was suggested at the time that the set design with a pool of water she was to be hoisted over was one of Adele’s main concerns. It’s not yet clear whether it’s the presence of this pool that’s required the massive investment in technology, but the singer is said to be practising 12 hours a day to get ready for the opening show.

How Else is Technology Improving Entertainment?

Smart Tourism and Online Lotteries

This is just one example of how technology can help the entertainment industry solve problems and bring their services to more people. Another example can be seen in the recent stories about the use of augmented reality (AR) in historic cities like Zagreb and Paphos, where it’s used so that tourists get a more rounded view of the city, its history and its art. This clever use of technology has led to both cities mentioned being short-listed for the 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism award.

We can also see this in unexpected sectors, for example – the growth of the online lottery industry, as betting on lottery results online has allowed far more people to access the likes of the Irish Lotto without queuing to buy tickets. It also means that people can take part in lotteries from countries where they don’t live. The way of playing is the same as when you buy a ticket locally, as you choose your numbers and then wait for the official draw to take place, to find out if you win a prize.

These are all terrific examples of technology being used to make something better. Music shows, tourism and lotteries have been around for centuries, but we can now enjoy them more than ever before thanks to clever tech.