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Technology has paved the way for advancement in different industries, including marketing. As a result, businesses can now enjoy marketing automation, which uses software and platforms to monitor and control repetitive tasks. 

Automated marketing strategies can provide extra time for higher-value work if utilised well. This process may also simplify workflow, thus allowing room for higher efficiency and fewer errors.

Depending on the type of marketing strategy you want to use, automation will ease the process and will be a key to ensuring that. Technology has also enabled automating smart tasks such as campaign segmentation, content curation and management, social media marketing, cart recovery and email automation.

The automation of marketing strategies has several advantages, including an increased conversion rate that ensures that marketing incentives reach the right target audience. In addition, it increases productivity among staff as they are relieved of simple tasks and can concentrate on more pressing matters. 

Businesses with automated marketing strategies tend to have a better workflow as this software keeps everything in order. These automated strategies sort out transactions, create proper scheduling, and systematise activities, making things smoother and easier. 

The positive results of technology towards changing marketing, such as making campaigns more personalised and immersive for target audiences, make it worthy of investment. If you aren’t convinced yet, this article is for you as it explains eight ways in which new technology can automate marketing strategies. 

1. Provides A Personalised Experience For Each Shopper

Most marketing strategies aim to get high engagement from the consumers, and this is where personalisation can help. The main aim of personalisation is to make the end-users feel valued and appreciated so they would be with your brand again. 

Knowing what your customers want is the first step toward creating a personalised experience that gains their trust. Yet you have to be patient when coordinating consumer data, like analysing past client purchases, behaviour, and interaction, as this can be a time-consuming task if done manually. 

Thus, you may get automation software like a power dialer that allows you to call more contacts at once, even on the go. Using this software is crucial because clients are more likely to buy from your brand if you recognise them by name.

With marketing automation, you can easily use clients’ past data and tag them according to their shopping patterns at once. In addition, automation may also come up with names of loyal clients who can be tagged and sent special offers and welcome emails. 

Some automation software may provide direct marketing that will result in a better and more cost-effective outcome. This marketing software may include unlimited ringless voicemail and SMS marketing by sending personally targeted messages to clients. 

2. Converts Abandoned Shopping Carts

Most online businesses have faced abandoned shopping carts that haven’t been converted into sales because clients don’t stick around long enough to pursue the purchase. However, recovering an abandoned shopping cart isn’t easy and may lead to a loss in revenue in the long run. 

Yet you may choose to utilise abandoned cart software with a recovery campaign that may be effective in saving lost revenue. This campaign may include sending personalised automated emails using a whole sequence that may be modified depending on the requirements needed. 

This software may also help you discover the causes of cart abandonment by using data to point out the weakest link and improve it. In addition, you can offer solutions that may lead to increased conversion through automated email that can be sent accordingly.

After getting the causes, cart abandonment emails are sent to remind the client of all the things they wanted to purchase. Cart abandonment pop-ups can also be automatically sent out to customers so they can finish their purchase through promised additional coupons.

3. Automates Promotions And Sales

Competition is part of every business, and setting apart your brand from the rest is key to succeeding. To stay ahead and encourage clients to buy from you, you may need to run promotions to pique your customers’ interest. 

In most instances, brands tend to bundle products together with their best-selling product, and because consumers love free goods, they may settle on trying out the new product. However, as much as this method has always worked, brands that offer services may need to take a different route. 

For an efficient promotion, you may need to utilise available data from all your clients to know their trends and patterns before running it. If your promotion includes cutting down prices of individual products, doing it manually might be tedious and take more time.

Thankfully, technology has made it possible to get automated software that can perform specific tasks the way you want them based on the rules and configuration. You can now input data and have the software cut down prices of products in one click and manage discounts on specific products.

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4. Automates Email

Email marketing is a proven method that can effectively reach clients when sending promotions and discounts and notifying them of new products from your brand. However, not all marketers have enough time to send personalised emails to end-users manually. Luckily, there are now automated emails to help improve customer relations, generate leads, and turn clicks into sales by creating a smooth journey for clients. 

Lead generation is vital for the success of businesses; you can use automation that feeds numerous emails into your subscriber’s inboxes and get them to invest in your products. For instance, you can send an email to your target contacts and encourage them to join your brand, and when they do, you follow up with an email to thank them.

Afterward, you can reach out to the contacts who agreed to join your brand and offer them a deal. Once they accept the second offer, you now have a higher likelihood of getting them to invest in your products. 

If you choose to do the above manually, you may be swamped with too much to get done. Hence, you may consider investing in automated emails that will still be personalised and get the job done with only a click of a button. 

Likewise, email automation can boost sales as the sales team may use the results from different campaigns and identify which content worked or didn’t. Once they find the right one, they can use it on more campaigns and generate new leads. 

Automated emails also segment clients into different groups and send out emails based on various factors, including the demographic, location, or purchase history. This works well if your business offers different products to a specific group of clients. 

You may also boost your revenue by sending transactional emails, which may get clients to spend a little more than intended. Besides, you can recommend products or provide a discount code with every newsletter they download. 

Clients may appreciate name recognition, but it may be hard to get all the emails ready and sent on time if you are sending them out manually. With email marketing automation software, you have a choice to fill out names and company details and send personalised emails.

5. Automates Social Media Updates

Social media is an excellent marketing tool to reach a larger audience. Keep in mind that each platform collects different demographics, and a brand that can get through to audiences on all social media platforms can benefit from this. 

Social media marketing requires time and effort as the teams need to be active and consistent. Yet you can use automation software to save on time as it will offer engagement responses, scheduled posting, and auto-posting. 

Moreover, this software runs several marketing campaigns across social media platforms efficiently. If your content remains constant in all of them, this will lead to maintaining a cohesive brand identity with a maximised chance of engagement and exposure. 

With automation removing repetition in the picture and saving time, your brand can now use this extra time to be more productive and engage more with your target audience. You also request reviews and schedule your social media activity in advance.

Social media automation also gives you a chance to plan your content around the calendar, which allows you to release it at the expected time. Continued posting helps boost your brand’s online presence, a vital factor for online marketing success.

Additionally, you can collect accurate data on your followers and understand how they interact with your posts. This way, you get to know what popular products may need to be restocked and which ads with the least engagement need to be changed.

6. Helps Maintain Inventory

Inventory management is a critical factor in the smooth running of businesses, with more looking for ways to improve it. Therefore, most businesses embrace using inventory management software to automate the entire inventory process. 

With this system, you can get accurate and real-time inventory counts of your stocks, keeping you updated and informed, so you’ll know your next move. Because the system is highly accurate, your staff won’t need to do a physical count, saving you time that you could use for other crucial matters. 

The system also removes the human element in inventory unless it handles them. With this element removed, fewer errors are made as the software imports data and updates it. 

Most staff members take more time maintaining inventory on spreadsheets. However, getting an automation system will ensure that your staff can concentrate on other business areas. This system also handles some tasks that your staff may find hard to accomplish. 

You can manage task reordering using this system that counts all your inventory and how much is left, then automatically lets your vendor know the final count. This system will constantly log the location of the inventory as well as its reductions and additions, which helps you make sales, ship items, and record all the returns. 

It will also track the inventory across various locations and through different points in your supply chain. Thus, you’ll see your entire inventory, even if located in different places, and break it down per location.

You can also use some inventory software as an order management system. The system automatically does tasks, such as printing out shipping labels, assigning tasks to your staff, and performing additional fulfilment tasks. 

7. Fills Communication Gap Between Team

The communication gap between teams may lead to a halt in the growth or progress of a business. This may pose a problem as every business needs its teams to collaborate and ensure efficiency and good communication flow. 

For example, you can use this system to notify advertising teams whenever a product is unpublished or updated. Good team collaboration allows the tagging of a loyal customer that you can follow up later on. 

The communication gap can be filled using automated software that ensures that all the departments understand your leads and customers better. All departments can stay connected and deliver better results when the communication line is working well, thus proving the importance of automation. 

8. Helps Study Your Competitors

Every healthy business environment includes competitors doing better or worse than you, so studying them may help you analyse their approach. Automation can help you gain insights to show you the proper strategies you can use to evaluate your competitors.

9. Tags Loyal Customers Automatically

Loyal customers are hard to come by. Hence, businesses may need to go one step further to keep them interested in their products. You may offer them extra discounts and offers so they’ll advocate for your brand. 

Automation systems allow you to tag your loyal customers at once and send any promotion or product launches to boost your success eventually. 

Bottom Line

Breakthroughs in technology have led to marketing automation and provided you with more time to further other campaign strategies. By choosing to automate your marketing strategies using new technology, you’ll reduce human error, resulting in efficient workers and saving on costs. 

The ways discussed in this article have shown how automating marketing strategies will lead to better inventory management and automated promotions, sales, emails, and social media updates. Automation also helps you study your competitors. Therefore, the decision now rests on you. Should you wish to implement automation soon, refer to the ways here and start reaping the rewards of using new technologies for your business.