Posted on July 11, 2017 by staff

8K virtual tours now a possibility for clients


Visual experience specialists Dreamscope TV have invested in the latest camera technology – 8K ultra high-definition 360° kit.

The firm, which is based at the Old Granada Studios in central Manchester, says the imagery recorded by the camera has the potential to ‘transport’ the audience to another place.

“360° film is truly exciting and revolutionising our industry,” said Darren Hutchinson, director at Dreamscope TV.

“As visual experience specialists we are investing heavily in high-end 360°, especially stabilised-motion 360° to create real world environments and graphically enhanced virtual reality where our clients and customers can have unique and amazing experiences.”

The tech could be used to market a new property, development, tourist attraction or destination.

“Whilst we provide all our audiences with informative, engaging content – whether it be a TV advertisement or a film for online – 360° films provide a fully immersive experience, really putting the viewer in the picture and in control of the viewing direction,” said Louise Jones, Dreamscope TV’s creative project manager.

“The content is basically ‘wraparound’ – fabulous for virtual tours, for example.”

Social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook are embracing 360° technology, while the footage can be viewed on immersive VR headsets, putting the viewer right there in the virtual world.