Posted on November 17, 2017 by staff

73 per cent of IT workers applied for job in last month


A recent survey conducted by specialist IT recruitment consultancy Evolution Recruitment Solutions found that 73 per cent of IT professionals in the UK have applied for a new job within the last month.

Furthermore, a staggering 84 per cent of IT professionals have applied for a job within the last six months.

Over 1,000 UK-based IT professionals completed the survey and Evolution has now released the results.

For example, it was also found that 75 per cent of IT professionals said salary was not the main reason they would accept a job offer.

49 per cent of respondents value either flexible working, the types of projects they will be working on, or the location/commute more than the salary when searching for a job.

It was discovered that people at entry level and director level in their careers value the types of projects they will be working on the most, as opposed to salary, location, commute and so on.

Overall, IT professionals in Scotland value the types of projects they will be working on more than salary and those based in the West Midlands and the South West value flexible working more than salary.

Gareth Morris, managing director of Evolution Recruitment Solutions, said: “Working in the recruitment industry, we are aware that there is a large skills gap in IT, but we weren’t aware of just how many people are currently on the market for a new job.

“For this reason, it is extremely important for businesses to understand what IT candidates are looking for, to ensure that their job offers aren’t rejected.

“Having a true insight into what matters the most for IT professionals in the UK is extremely valuable information.

“Many companies in the UK will be hiring IT staff with the generic salary, pension and bonus offer, for example; whereas the IT experts actually want more than that.

“We found that things such as flexible working, whether it’s being able to choose their own start and finish times or being able to work from home, was very high on the agenda for our survey respondents.

“Similarly, traditional benefits such as a certain number of holidays or a pension weren’t vital to IT experts – they would much prefer an exciting range of projects to work on, or the latest tech stack and frameworks to use.

“Being able to share this information will be beneficial not only for our current clients who we are recruiting IT and tech staff for, but for businesses hiring IT professionals all over the country.”