Posted on June 18, 2019 by staff

545m views sees Manchester firm hit top 5 on Facebook


Manchester-headquartered social media marketing company It’s Gone Viral hit 545 million views on Facebook last month.

The incredible reach saw it break into the top 5 of the most viewed entertainment pages on Facebook in the UK, and the seventh most viewed page overall on the social media platform in this country.

It was also named ninth in the world on the entertainment page list and 18th overall worldwide.

It marks the company’s highest ever Tubular Rankings – the measurement standard for online video which is widely cited by the global industry and press for the latest in video insights, trends and strategy.

The firm, which was founded in 2016 by Matthew Thomas, Andrew Trotman and Ryan Williams, produces and distributes video content and viral campaign adverts for international brands such as BBC Films, O2, Universal, Bud Light and Disney across its social platforms.

The It’s Gone Viral team is a mixture of content creators, analysts and video producers.

“Tubular Rankings is the benchmark in terms of global credibility in our sector so securing these positions is testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team,” said Trotman.

“The last two years has seen the business grow as we have focussed on creating our own exciting and original content as well as viral campaigns for international brands such as BBC Films, O2, Universal, Bud Light and Disney.

“For us, these results are just the start as our aim is to become one of the most influential media companies in the UK within the next five years.”

The firm has seen its reach and viewing figures grow from 738 million to 2.2 billion views in the past year. It now has 3.5 million followers across its Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.