Posted on December 21, 2017 by staff

51 Tech 1sts: From 31-40


From the first computer to the first smartphone tech has been at the coal face of innovation for decades.

BusinessCloud joined forces with Havas PR to find the next generation of those that dare digitally – the pioneers and technological boundary pushers from across the UK.

We were inundated with nominations but in the end our judges settled on our 51 Tech 1sts.

The products could be game-changing or just a bit of fun but part of it had to have had an element of being first. Several of the companies that made the list also pitched at a special BusinessCloud event on November 28th with ORCHA taking home the prize of a ticket, or cash equivalent, to CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Products had to be less than five years old and entrants had to provide evidence of the entry being a first to market.

This week we’re sharing the 51 game-changing pieces of tech from our Tech 1sts list. Today we share the fourth set of ten on our list.

PubGuard, London

Cracking down on ‘adfraud’, PubGuard identifies advertising content which is either inappropriate or ineffective to improve both the quality and impact of ads. It’s the first mobile-specific solution of its kind.

Gnatta, Bury

Really get to know your customer with Gnatta, the first technology dedicated to engaging customers at the point of contact in an efficient, cost-effective way. By analysing customer messages in real-time, it can also determine whether queries should be answered by a human operator, AI, or its own automated workflow system.

The Language Pod, Harrogate

Learn a language online without having to download any software. The Language Pod’s live online language lessons let clients register for free via the website, choose a teacher, pay for and book a lesson at a time to suit them.

Limitless Travel, Solihull

For anyone who has a disability, or travels with someone who does, Limitless Travel’s world-first disability-aware online booking system opens up a whole world of holidays. It uses a smart questionnaire and machine learning to match people with holiday destinations suitable for their needs.

Opun, Gatwick

Opun is on a mission to untangle the complicated world of home improvements with the sector’s first end-to-end platform. It helps customers find local contractors and manages projects from start to finish using its own certified trade partners.

Omnate, Birmingham

Have several charities you care about but don’t know which to choose? Non-profit Omnate helps you donate to multiple causes at the same time. Tick the global causes you care about on the platform and enter a monthly budget to split between them – it picks the best charity in the world for that cause.

Movem, Brighton

The average time to reference a prospective tenant in the UK is one to two weeks – Movem Passport is the world’s first instant tenant reference platform and costs £10, compared to the industry standard of £30-£100.


Never worry about putting your PIN into an unknown device again with MYPINPAD’s Merchant Trust Solutions & Consumer Trust Solutions. The tech is the first to offer multi-factor authentication for unsecured devices. It cloaks your PIN as you enter it so it’s not saved on, or seen by, the device as you shop on your mobile.

The Debate App, Manchester

A place where you can debate Brexit without the abuse – or the pictures of cats – The Debate App offers a place for people to discuss the issues of the day. Users can upload opinions via text or video, and you can track the debate plus break down vital stats on what particular demographics think about key topics.

yourfeed, London

Dubbed ‘LinkedIn for millennials’, yourfeed wants to connect two million young people to job opportunities by 2020. With a full launch in November 2017, it allows them to showcase their skills and personality better than a traditional CV.