Posted on December 20, 2017 by staff

51 Tech 1sts: From 21-30


From the first computer to the first smartphone tech has been at the coal face of innovation for decades.

BusinessCloud joined forces with Havas PR to find the next generation of those that dare digitally – the pioneers and technological boundary pushers from across the UK.

We were inundated with nominations but in the end our judges settled on our 51 Tech 1sts.

The products could be game-changing or just a bit of fun but part of it had to have had an element of being first. Several of the companies that made the list also pitched at a special BusinessCloud event on November 28th with ORCHA taking home the prize of a ticket, or cash equivalent, to CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Products had to be less than five years old and entrants had to provide evidence of the entry being a first to market.

This week we’re sharing the 51 game-changing pieces of tech from our Tech 1sts list. Today we share the third set of ten on our list.

Premier Punt, Aberdeen

Until now, the millions of Fantasy Football fans out there have struggled to play for real cash. Premier Punt is the first platform to combine Daily Fantasy Sports and betting, letting you place bets on teams without having to download any other apps.

Footy Addicts, London

Want a kick about but don’t know any fellow footy fans? Starting life as a Meetup group in 2009 and now with over 40,000 players, Footy Addicts is the first open social platform to connect football addicts in the same city.

  • brightLET, Birmingham
  • Moving house is hard enough, but brightLET cuts out the middleman that often complicates the lettings process. It connects landlords with their tenants and tradespeople offering a fully automated, accessible and easy-to-use service.

OLIO, London

The average household throws out about £60-worth of food a month. OLIO is the only local community food sharing app that connects neighbours with each other, and with local shops and cafes, so that surplus food can be shared not thrown away.

PensionBee, London

Pensions are both complicated and usually offer a very delayed payoff. PensionBee makes the whole process simple as the only online pension manager that brings old pensions into one plan on any device. PensionBee also wants to demystify pensions for a younger audience, with 65 per cent of its customers coming from Instagram and Facebook.

Love the Sales, London

Most retail sites have thousands of products on their site. Love the Sales has millions. To make sure customers can easily find the products they need, the site’s AI Retail Merchandising tool learns about the products then classifies them to 99.9 per cent accuracy, doing work which would take humans years.

Playrcart, London

Watch a video and then buy the products in it with Playrcart’s embeddable video player. For example, watch a film trailer and immediately buy the cinema tickets directly within the trailer itself.

Mimica, London

How often do you end up binning out of date food? Planned to launch in early 2018, Mimica is developing Mimica Touch, a food expiry label made out of food by-products, to stop food waste. When the label is smooth the food is fresh, when it’s bumpy it’s not.

Tamoco, London

The Tamoco global proximity network connects the offline and online worlds, using the Internet of Things to offer location-based targeting to brands and advertisers. This means that brands can connect with their audience even when they’re offline. 

PowerMarket, Oxford

PowerMarket is on a mission to tackle climate change by letting everyone access sustainable energy. Its global solar map uses artificial intelligence and satellite data to let buyers assess whether anything from their roof, car park or farm is suitable for solar power in a few clicks.