Posted on December 19, 2017 by staff

51 Tech 1sts: From 11-20


From the first computer to the first smartphone tech has been at the coal face of innovation for decades.

BusinessCloud joined forces with Havas PR to find the next generation of those that dare digitally – the pioneers and technological boundary pushers from across the UK.

We were inundated with nominations but in the end our judges settled on our 51 Tech 1sts.

The products could be game-changing or just a bit of fun but part of it had to have had an element of being first. Several of the companies that made the list also pitched at a special BusinessCloud event on November 28th with ORCHA taking home the prize of a ticket, or cash equivalent, to CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Products had to be less than five years old and entrants had to provide evidence of the entry being a first to market.

This week we’re sharing the 51 game-changing pieces of tech from our Tech 1sts list. Today we share the second ten on our list.

Beatstream Media, Manchester

Never miss a gig again with Beatstream, no matter where in the world your favourite band is playing. The start-up lets venues stream live events to music lovers anywhere in the world and is the only live music platform that works with the artist and the venue, proving that location shouldn’t determine ticket sales.

Paperplanes, London

The only post anyone receives nowadays is bills – which is why businesses using Paperplanes’ trademarked Programmatic Direct Mail will get the attention of potential customers. The tool triggers personalised post that is delivered to website visitors within 48 hours.

Scattr, Derry

Relive your youth and make ads fun with Scattr’s ‘virtual Pass the Parcel’. It lets businesses send out ‘parcels’ to users’ phones with the chance to win a prize if users watch a 10 second ad. If you lose you can still pass the ‘parcel’ onto friends.

Everledger, London

Diamonds are one of the biggest purchases most people make – but certificates are often forged. Everledger is putting paid to those fears as the first company to track diamonds throughout the supply chain using blockchain technology. By giving them a digital thumbprint it ensures they are authentic and ethically traded.

Hopper HQ, Birmingham

Never stay up until 2am to post to your company’s Instagram account again. Hopper HQ is the first fully automated scheduling tool for Instagram that doesn’t break the platform’s terms and conditions, meaning brands can connect with their global audience no matter what time it is.

Air, Birmingham

After a stint on BBC’s The Apprentice, Nick Holzherr set up Air, making HR easy with its ‘Hub & Spoke’ model. Air’s platform lets companies start with basic software functions and then opt into the features they want, giving them advanced features plus simplicity on the go.

ORCHA, Liverpool

They say there’s an app for everything, and when it comes to your health there may actually be thousands – but how do you know which are safe and effective? ORCHA’s Health and Care app store is the first to let doctors prescribe apps to patients.

JEETLY, London

Described as ‘Tinder for fashion’, petite clothing brand JEETLY lets customers vote items IN or OUT of the next collection – but what sets it apart is that it also offers them credit for engaging.

JimJam, Gateshead

If you’re fed up of waiting to get your neck pain or back injury looked at JimJam can help. The majority of physiotherapy consultations are as effective online as in person, so it connects users to physiotherapists via video call, offering rehabilitation in a fast, simple and affordable way.

SoulTek, Edinburgh

Finding top tech talent in a digital skills gap is tough. SoulTek’s ‘little black box’ of talent matches contractors and clients better than a human recruiter. It uses unique algorithms and machine learning, helping companies engage with tech-focussed millennials.