Posted on November 30, 2018 by staff

50% say smart tech ‘less secure’ with internet connectivity


There is no doubt that smart devices are featuring more and more in our daily lives here in the UK.

A recent survey, conducted by Mintel, found that 13 per cent of us have a smart voice-controlled speaker at home, with 74% of owners using the tech to play music, and 94 per cent using it to get general information such as local cinema times and weather reports.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey revealed that millennials are the most likely generation to buy smart tech, with 52 per cent of 18-34 year olds having an interest in smart home products, compared to just 22 per cent of those aged 55+.

Regardless, 38 per cent of all surveyed reported an interest in buying a smart home security system, with some of the most popular pieces of tech being a smart wi-fi connected thermostat (36 per cent), a smart voice-controlled speaker (35 per cent) and smart wi-fi connected lightbulbs (33 per cent)

There is still some uncertainty surrounding smart home technology, as 50 per cent of consumers believe being connected to the internet makes smart security systems less secure and 59 per cent say that always-on (always listening for the wake word) speakers in the home makes them uneasy.

Despite some concerns, a second study by PwC discovered that Brits will spend £10.8 billion on smart home tech next year. There is particular interest in cameras both inside and outside the home that can be accessed remotely, especially via a smartphone.

The survey found that 33 per cent of consumers are most likely to get security camera as a connected device, whilst 30 per cent of consumers are most likely to get security alarm.

Legal & General have released a new video series to introduce consumers to smart home technology, and the various ways they can help to improve our lives and secure our homes.

Former Gadget Show host Suzi Perry walks viewers through various apps and devices, including fire and water damage protectors, smart doorbells and even the ability to sync your oven timer to the lights in your home.

The four part series is available to watch in full now:

PART 1: Is a Smart Home a more Secure Home? | YouTube | Website

PART 2: Making Smart Tech even Smarter | YouTube | Website

PART 3: Fire and Water Damage | YouTube | Website

PART 4: While you’re Away | YouTube | Website

For those who are considering taking the first steps in introducing smart technology into their homes, this four-part series is a must watch.