Humans have invented thousands of products that made life easier from the Stone Age through to modern times.

These days life is pretty much influenced by technological inventions: anywhere you go, you will find people using products working on tech.

Electronic engineering design services have played a major role in the development of new tech, with designers inventing portable products that have taken the world by storm.

So which five tech inventions have shaped the modern age?


In the past century, inventors were puzzled about connecting two different parts of the world through a seamless communication channel. WiFi now enables us to connect instantly with the world without attaching any wires to our devices. Since the release of WiFi for public use in 1997, it has changed the way we connect to the internet. 

Facial recognition

In the past, sketching skills were essential in helping to identify people. But how can we recognise and identify a person on the other side of the world within seconds? The rise in the use of facial recognition allows just that. Despite concerns over its potential misuse, you cannot deny that this developing tech will become essential for security and health purposes. 

Artificial intelligence

For many years, the term ‘artificial intelligence’ had a strange ring to it. People thought that no machine would be able to mimic human intelligence – that is to say, thinking and working like us. Things have certainly moved on since then, with millions of examples of AI being used to solve real-world problems.

Social media

People in the past may have lived in a village all their lives without meeting a single person from the outside. Fast-forward to today and social media is a major player which enables us to meet and learn about people we will never meet in real life. An essential tool for networking, social media has also played a huge part in changing the way we shop for things. Ads running on social platforms influence the behavior of customers and shape the landscape of digital marketing. 

Virtual reality

Imagine transporting your mind to a world where you can feel and observe anything you want. Tech has achieved this without the use of occult spells! Virtual reality relies on advanced computer graphics where humans can see things which were previously out of our reach. Even though this technology has not yet developed to its full potential, it has still produced powerful products that have changed the way we live our lives.