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Work tasks can sometimes be overwhelming, and you simply have no time to get everything in time with your usual way of working. You need to implement some changes to get to everything in the schedule.

We all need some help in times like these, and why not take technology as our friend? With the help of smartphones and apps made especially for this need, we can all focus on what’s important. With their help, we’ll finish our obligations and only then let go.

The app market is full of various ideas and solutions for every problem. An app helping you cope with distractions is also available; not just one but many. There are so many of them that it’s tough to pick the best one. That’s what we’re helping here – finding the best app to help you be productive. Follow up, and see which five apps are best on the market now.

1. Quidlo app

This amazing timesheet reporting software has many features that will make your life easier. There’s a start and stop time tracker that will let you know how much you’re working, or you can set it up yourself and follow the previously scheduled sheet.

You can also sync this app with most of your other apps and measure how much time you’re spending on them. The best thing about this feature is connecting it with your desktop software and doing the same.

2. Forest

Forest takes a different approach to productivity. They provide a virtual tree that grows while working but dies when you make cuts, end before the scheduled timeline, or simply procrastinate. You surely daydreamed at work without noticing, and Forest ends this.

As you grow trees, the app founders and team ensure that your virtual trees become a reality. They partnered with the Trees for the Future foundation to actually plant the trees you’re virtually growing, so in a way – if you stop working, a tree will die because of it.

3. Freedom

This app acts as a “dictator” of your smartphone, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need for focusing on work and getting things done. The Freedom app will block all other apps, prevent you from opening anything no matter if there are notifications, and make you focus on your work exclusively.

If you want it to, the app can block the internet access itself, making you work offline and only allowing you to do it when you finish your work. You have the option to play ambient music while working, so there’s absolutely no distraction whatsoever.

4. RescueTime

Have you ever wondered why you can’t say no to your bosses and end up with a pile of documents you need to finish by the end of the week, which is impossible? You then take work home, and you end up working 24/7.

RescueTime is an app that will notify you when you accept too many tasks, telling you that it’s impossible to get everything done. It will also keep you motivated throughout the day and measure your productivity, motivating you to do more.

5. Todoist

Instead of constantly leaving post-it stickers with to-do lists across the office, you can install this app and make things simple. This app allows you to schedule short and long-term tasks and prioritize your needs. 

It is perfect for those who lack the sense of prioritizing and become anxious when they understand how much work there is. It will send you notifications and remind you of what must be done immediately and what can be postponed for later. By understanding your priorities and efficiently cleaning the tasks, you’ll be way more productive than wondering how to handle everything.


These five apps have different features, but all focus on making your workday more productive. Depending on your preferences, choosing one of them will surely make you better in the office, which also means letting you live a better life outside of it.

Don’t download and install them, but choose one. You don’t need different apps to measure the time and notify you of what’s happening next. Pick one, and follow its rules – this will surely make you more productive than before.