Posted on November 3, 2017 by staff

3D printing will bring ‘rebirth’ of local industry


Making 3D printing more accessible for small enterprises will mean companies can print the objects they need locally rather than ordering parts from abroad.

This is the view of Fernando Hernandez, European MD of XYZprinting.

The company, which has just released da Vinci Color the world’s first full-colour desktop 3D printer, wants to make 3D printing more democratic allowing SMEs and hobbyists to easily access the technology.

“3D will evolve manufacturing as we see it now,” said Hernandez.

“We see everything coming back to countries. It’s a booming enterprise and we see more and more local small enterprises acquiring industrial devices so they can produce parts locally.

“We’re going to see the rebirth of local industry. Instead of going to China to order 10,000 pieces of a part they can produce 100 pieces of a part locally.

“The majority of production will be coming back to our own countries.”

A focus on 3D printing will also allow for a more agile economy said Hernandez.

“It’s making everything more direct so we can gain speed,” he said.

“An economy and industry based on 3D printing will prove extremely swift and can adapt to new markets.”

The company claims to bring down the costs of the more industrial 3D printing devices from around £60,000 to the company’s models, with the cheapest version around £250.

By making 3D printing more accessible the company – which now accounts for around 25 per cent of all units sold worldwide – hopes the technology will become part of everyday life for businesses and consumers.

“We’re aiming for 3D printing to not be on the news anymore,” says Hernandez.

“It will be part of daily life and we will all have 3D printing at home. We will be able to print shoes, clothes, cakes, all in the same printer.

“They just need to be merged together into one affordable device – it could be in about five to ten years from now.”