A London FinTech company making personalised investment solutions scalable is among 21 ‘responsible AI’ projects backed by Innovate UK.

Stratiphy is leading a consortium awarded a £1 million grant to accelerate the development and adoption of trustworthy AI solutions within the financial services sector.

The consortium consists of academic and commercial partners, including the University of Bristol, which will provide expertise in AI and financial modelling; the University of Birmingham, which provides expertise in trustworthy AI applications; Chenavari Investment Managers, a specialist in structured credit; Smart Pension, which provides workplace pensions technology; and Aventur Wealth, which provides technology-driven wealth management.

This award will fund an enhancement of Stratiphy’s personal investment management solution. The awarding body acknowledged the consortium’s diverse range of applications and its potential to make a substantial impact across UK financial services. 

The consortium’s initiative aligns with Innovate UK’s mission to accelerate the adoption of trusted and responsible AI and machine learning technologies, while reducing bottlenecks during development and deployment processes. 

“We are thrilled to lead this consortium to deliver innovative AI solutions, offering high-value financial solutions” said CEO Daniel Gold, who founded Stratiphy with Nikki Hawkes (pictured). “We have been joined by companies that are not only business leaders in their respective fields of wealth planning, pensions and structured credit, but also want to be at the the cutting edge of innovation.”

The collaboration will focus on fostering relationships and sharing knowledge between academics and industry, leveraging expertise from Dr John Cartlidge at the University of Bristol and Prof. Karen Elliott at the University of Birmingham. 

By harnessing the collective potential of academia and key industrial partners, the Consortium aims to develop novel solutions in the market that address important commercial challenges across investment management that are trusted by end-users.

The full list of projects, funded by the £19m pot, are:

Etiq AI Limited – a software solution for trustworthy AI

Habitat Learn Limited – DeepMyna phase two

nquiringminds Limited – trusted AI bill of materials

Visualist Technologies Limited – explainable AI: a creative copilot for interior designers

Algomo Limited – addressing hallucinations in generative AI for customer service applications

Glideology Limited – trustworthy, responsible AI and machine learning for construction, secure and enterprise ready

Robok Limited – proactive AI-powered solutions for logistics efficiency, transparency and safety

AI for Global Goals Limited – Elandi: trustworthy generative AI for affordable personalised learning and development: phase two

Scale AI chooses UK for European HQ

The Data Analysis Bureau Limited – safety advancing federated estimation of risk using AI

Block Dox Limited – TRUST2: improving TRUST in AI and ML for critical building management

RAIQC Limited – developing tools for pre-market evaluation and post-market surveillance of medical imaging AI

Holistic AI Limited – accelerating trustworthy AI: developing a first-to-market AI system risk management platform for insurance product creation

Wyser Limited – industrial research into ASR bias’

Eolas Insight Limited – trustable AI generated mapping: phase two

Stratiphy Limited – Stratlib.AI: a trusted ML platform for asset and credit managers

Aival – accelerating trustworthy AI in radiology: scalable software for clinical users to independently validate commercial products at local sites

Thema AI Limited

Advanced Infrastructure Technology Limited – trustworthy ML approaches to energy consumption data

Direk Limited – D-Xpert: AI-based recommender system for smart energy saving

All Street Research Limited – ASIMOV: AI-as-a-Service

Newton’s Tree Limited – federated AI monitoring service

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