The Farewill team

Posted on July 8, 2020 by staff

£20m investment for death tech start-up

London firm aiming to modernise processes around funerals and will-writing plans UK expansion

The Farewill team

A tech firm aiming to modernise the UK’s death care industry has secured £20m investment. 

London-based Farewill will expand through the UK following the funding round led by Highland Europe. 

Keen Ventures, Rich Pierson of Headspace, Broadhaven Capital Partners and VentureFounders also participated in the round, which takes its total funding to £30m.

The start-up claims to have built a platform that helps people write wills in just 15 minutes by guiding them through a series of simple questions.  

Family members can then use Farewill for the probate process or take advantage of its new cremation services via an instant quote on its website.  

Rugby legend Gareth Thomas recently spoke about the extra emotional turmoil caused by traditional funeral processes after he lost his uncle to COVID-19. 

Founded in 2015 by Antton Peña, Dan Garrett and Tom Rogers, the legal tech company claims to be the largest will writer in the UK, responsible for 10 percent of all wills.  

CEO Garrett commented: “The industry hasn’t moved on in centuries.  

“It’s gloomy, intimidating and expensive. People who have suffered a loss are often going through one of the toughest experiences of their lives – and we have to make it easier for them.” 

Stan Laurent, partner at Highland Europe, added: “For too long, the wills and funeral industry has been largely geared towards profit over purpose 

How about entirely removing the administrative pain for those grieving for their loved ones? How about providing an affordable, effortless and considerate service?  

That’s what the Farewill team is doing – with an extraordinary blend of compassion and tech-fuelled efficiency.”