The shortlist for the 2024 Northern Tech Awards has been revealed by organiser GP Bullhound.

The shortlist, in alphabetical order, recognises the fastest-growing technology companies in the North of the UK.

The winners and top 100 will be celebrated at the 2024 Northern Tech Awards on 25th April at Manchester Cathedral.

“2023 was a tale of two cities in the technology sector; with public market share portfolios performing very well, driven by a handful of AI-related stocks, whilst revenue growth continued to slow for a large proportion of public and private companies,” said Javed Huq, managing director of GP Bullhound. 

“Despite this trend, those companies included in the top 100 have delivered exceptional levels of growth which is a testament to the quality of management teams and employees operating across the region. We look forward to celebrating their success at this year’s event.”

Winners on the night will be crowned in the following categories: Fastest Growing Company; Fastest Growing Larger Company; Judges’ Innovation Award; Judges’ Award for Global Ambition; Judges’ Leadership Award; Judges’ Tech 4 Good Award; Judges’ Entrepreneur Award; Judges’ Award for Cultural Excellence; Overall Judges’ Award; Northern Star Innovation Award; Northern Star Entrepreneur Award; Northern Star Commercial Success; and Northern Star Overall Judges’ Award.

Adam Hildreth, founder of Crisp, is a keynote speaker at the Northern Tech Awards.

“The global technology sector is going through an evolution, with expectations that technology businesses maintain the same strong market positions, growth, innovation, and profitability while having less access to both the availability and amount of capital required,” he said. 

“That takes resilience, hard work, and creativity, which is why I believe the Northern technology sector specifically is set to capitalise on what others may perceive to be harder times. I am looking forward to celebrating the successes and finding what’s in store for the future.”

AireLogic YorkshireDigital Services
Airtime RewardsNorth WestFintech
Answer DigitalYorkshireDigital Services
ApadmiNorth WestDigital Services
Ask BoscoYorkshireSoftware
Aspire Technology SolutionsNorth EastDigital Services
Automated AnalyticsYorkshireSoftware
BOXTYorkshireDigital Commerce
BrightBox North WestDigital Services
BrightHRNorth WestSoftware
BurendoYorkshireDigital Services
CassieNorth WestSoftware
Cintra North EastSoftware
CMapNorth WestSoftware
CMSPINorth WestDigital Services
CodethinkNorth WestDigital Services
Connect ChildcareNorth WestSoftware
Connex OneNorth WestSoftware
ConnexinYorkshireDigital Services
CurrentBodyNorth WestDigital Commerce
Dark Matter CommerceNorth WestDigital Services
Draw & CodeNorth WestDigital Media
EasyfundraisingMidlandsDigital Commerce
endpointXNorth WestDigital Services
Engage Solutions Group North WestSoftware
Evoke CreativeNorth WestDigital Media
Evolution FundingMidlandsFintech
Firefish SoftwareScotlandSoftware
FOD Mobility GroupYorkshireSoftware
Forge Holidays CottagesNorth WestDigital Commerce
Fruugo.comNorth WestDigital Commerce
Godel Technologies North WestDigital Services
GruumNorth WestDigital Commerce
HelpthemoveNorth WestSoftware
Heywood Pension TechnologiesNorth WestSoftware
HippoNorth WestDigital Services
HorseflyNorth WestSoftware
HyperFinity YorkshireSoftware
iAM Compliant North WestSoftware
IDHLYorkshireDigital Services
Inflo GroupNorth EastSoftware
InVentry YorkshireSoftware
LeightonNorth EastDigital Services
MarktoMarket ScotlandSoftware
MaxContactNorth WestSoftware
MediaworksNorth EastDigital Services
MirrorWebNorth WestSoftware
Mobysoft North WestSoftware
Mojo-CX North WestSoftware
My DigitalNorth WestSoftware
Nexus Vehicle RentalYorkshireDigital Commerce
NivoNorth WestFintech
One Utility BillNorth EastSoftware
Opencast SoftwareNorth EastDigital Services
Parallax YorkshireDigital Services
PeakNorth WestSoftware
Pentest PeopleYorkshireDigital Services
PimberlyNorth WestSoftware
PlanixsNorth WestSoftware
ProofIDNorth WestDigital Services
Propel Tech YorkshireDigital Services
Protein WorksNorth WestDigital Commerce
PurpleNorth WestSoftware
QBS Technology North WestDigital Commerce
razorblueNorth EastDigital Services
Resulting ITNorth WestDigital Services
Ripe ThinkingNorth WestFintech
RobiquityNorth WestDigital Services
rradarYorkshireDigital Services
Salesfire North EastSoftware
Schedule itYorkshireSoftware
Shaping Cloud North WestDigital Services
Shot ScopeScotlandDigital Commerce
Snappy GroupScotlandDigital Commerce
SynergiNorth EastDigital Services
System Loco North WestSoftware
Talos360North WestSoftware
The DistanceYorkshireDigital Services
The SEO WorksYorkshireDigital Services
TwinklYorkshireDigital Media
UinsureNorth WestFintech
UniHomes YorkshireDigital Commerce
Voicescape North WestSoftware
Voly GroupNorth WestSoftware
VyprNorth WestSoftware
Waterstons North EastDigital Services
WavenetMidlandsDigital Services
wi-Q North WestDigital Services
Wireless CCTVNorth WestDigital Services
xDesignScotlandDigital Services
XR GamesYorkshireDigital Media
Zynk North EastSoftware