Posted on June 18, 2018 by staff

15-week Tech Returners course launches


An initiative which develops tech skills and provides training for people looking to return to work after a break is to launch a new course.

The 15-week Tech Returners course is also aimed at people seeking transferable skills to enter the tech industry or start a business in the sector.

Beginning in September 2018, the first three weeks at PwC’s offices at No.1 Spinningfields in Manchester city centre will cover computer science.

It will be followed by five weeks of UI development and five weeks of cloud and data development, supported by continuous personal development throughout the course in areas such a career planning, self-awareness and team effectiveness.

There will also be weekend workshops on one weekend day every month to help with their understanding of the different elements of tech such as UX and UI testing and understanding different languages.

Tech Returners was founded in 2017 by Beckie Taylor, who is also co-founder of CLOS Consultancy – a company which supports tech businesses’ ability to scale through the alignment of people and technology.

She is also the co-founder of Women in Tech North, which now has over 720 members since starting in 2016.

“Tech Returners is designed to break down the barriers for people returning to, or starting out in tech,” she said.

“We offer an introduction to coding, as well as leadership mentoring and personal development guidance. The courses and the app are themed around discovering and developing skills, building a new network and embarking on a successful career unique to you.

“Tech Returners provides a supportive learning environment and shows that it is possible to return, that previous experience and skills are valued and really that we are just here to support you in your journey back to working in tech – whatever form it takes.”

The initiative is also aiming to address the issue of women who, when returning to work, are in many cases forced to return to lower skilled or lower paid jobs and struggle to find flexible working opportunities to combine with childcare.

It will also seek to help the skills gap within the tech sector.

For more information, or to apply for the course please visit