A London tech firm is targeting 1,000 employees after partnering with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office’s Innovation Programme.

Callsign will open two centres of excellence in the emirate. The partnership includes competitive financial incentives, including rebates on highly skilled payroll and high-tech CAPEX, as well as non-financial incentives, such as support with establishment processes and ecosystem engagement. 

Callsign has introduced a pioneering approach to re-establishing digital trust. Its intelligence-driven authentication is being used to underpin digital trust across financial institutions, governments and commerce globally, while ensuring that bad actors are blocked. 

The firm aims to expand its headcount to more than 100 employees by year-end.

Dr. Zia Hayat, CEO and chairman of Callsign, said: “We are building two centres of excellence here. The centre of technical excellence employs highly skilled local talent utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence to lead innovation in the space of digital trust globally.  

“Our operations centre of excellence, which is spearheaded by our world-class Security Operations Centre, will in combination with our technical centre attract and retain over 1,000 employees in the coming years.” 

The first of these centres will be based at Hub71, the emirate’s global tech ecosystem.

Dr. Tariq bin Hendi, Director-General of ADIO, said: “We are now seeing companies from all over the world pioneering new technologies in Abu Dhabi, as the emirate emerges as a leading advanced technology hub, and the region’s HQ of tech HQs.  

“Abu Dhabi is a long-term partner to businesses aligned with our strategic focus and we are here to help companies fast-track their progress, while ensuring they are suitably equipped to grow sustainably and make a real impact on the global stage.”