Posted on February 18, 2019 by staff

£1.2m funding for UK-first ‘mobile charging’ start-up


London start-up ChargedUp has secured £1.2 million in seed funding for its ‘mobile charging network’.

For 50 pence, users can rent and take with them a power bank to charge their devices, and return it at one of start-up’s growing number of London charging stations.

“We’ve become so dependent on our mobile phone and devices that, when we’re caught short of charge, it affects our work and social lives,” said Hugo Tilmouth, ChargedUp’s founder.

The newly secured funding will help the start-up to expand nationally and internationally in its effort to become Europe’s largest phone charging service.

“ChargedUp has delivered on what is now a basic human need – to be always on,” said investor Jon Wright, co-CEO of JamJar.

ChargedUp will expand its network of over 250 vending stations inside London’s bars, cafes, and restaurants to other metropolitan areas in the UK.

Last month the start-up, founded in 2017, partnered with Marks and Spencer to trial its service in central London stores. If successful it could lead to charging stations across its UK stores.

“At its simplest, ChargedUp addresses a massive need in the market, mobile devices running out of power,” added Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of lead investor of The Garage.

“But more than that, ChargedUp provides advertisers with a powerful medium that connects directly with their audience at point of purchase.”