Construction technology provider Causeway Technologies has invested £1.5 million in a new centre for engineering excellence in Middlesbrough.

The new office, located on the top floor of One Centre Square, will create up to 100 new high quality tech jobs in the town.

The move is part of a strategic drive by Causeway to create more roles in the UK to support the development of its wider platform, which aims to connect every stage of the construction process with technology. 

Recruitment will focus on roles including software developers, product managers, quality assurance managers and customer support.

Causeway is headquartered in Buckinghamshire and also has bases in London, Maidstone, Paris and Bangalore.

Charlie Pickering, chief technology officer at Causeway, said: “As a British company we feel that it’s important to invest in the UK. 

“In line with the wider levelling up agenda, we believe that the jobs that we create should also be spread around the country, taking advantage of a wider talent pool. The high calibre of talent in the north east made it the right choice for us.

“We already had a small office in Middlesbrough in Exchange Square, but we wanted to expand our offer. This allows us to increase the number of people we employ but also create better space that allows for greater collaboration between engineers and project teams.

“We have a significant amount of development planned for the Causeway platform over the months ahead and we want to bring new talent into the company to help us with this.”

He added that the location was chosen to improve links with local universities and attract new talent into the construction sector, with the region having a strong track record in software related courses.

“When it comes to technology, the construction industry needs to improve. Part of that is about continuing to invest in and develop new solutions, and that requires the best and brightest to join the sector.

“By working closely with local universities, we can bring people into our sector instead of seeing them go into other technology focused industries instead.”

The level of support from the local council and business community was a further deciding factor.

Phil Brown, Causeway founder and CEO, added: “Mayor Andy Preston and his team have created a compelling offer for firms like Causeway to access a very strong talent pool in the north east that is economically viable in comparison to the offshore tech-hubs in eastern Europe and India.

“For Causeway this means we will create new jobs and bring jobs back to Britain, which feels right, now more than ever.”

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Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston said: “This is an amazing vote of confidence in Middlesbrough by a company with a truly global reach.

“Causeway jumped at the opportunity to be part of the Centre Square story, and their expansion is bringing new high-quality jobs and investment to central Middlesbrough.

“They’re joining the likes of property bank GBB and national pension group XPS in helping to transform our town centre and unleash its limitless potential.”